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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Leopard

The Leopard(1963)

Anything I say in praise of this movie, is not going to do it justice.
And who am I anyways to try to do justice anyways?
Fabrizio Salina, the prince who foresees the advent of death as his world is precipitously changing, is wonderfully incarnated by Burt Lancaster.
Burt Lancaster! What a guy! The real predecessor of Don Corleone! You need to see this actor in action, in a time when movies were still considered an art.
And Claudia Cardinale? What a wonderfully beautiful young lady she was, so full of life, sending sparks all over the place.
The Leopard is one of those films that you need to see time and time again, rich in amazing images, bold dialogues, astounding wardrobes and philosophical insights.