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Pauly Shore Is Dead
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The title and the celebrity cameos. Those two things are all that constitutes me giving this film any rating above a zero.

If the movie were two minutes long, with one minute devoted to the opening credits and the other one to Pauly Shore being killed, then this movie would've gotten a 10 from me.

The whole thing felt like a student film. A bad one.

Hot Tub Time Machine
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The 80's were the golden years for timeless comedies. Toss a dart at a wall listing all comedies from that decade and you're almost guaranteed to hit a classic. With that in mind, maybe it was only a matter of time before someone decided to make an 80's style comedy and even set it in that same era. Luckily for movie-goers, the result of this experiment turned out to be hilarious.

It's a simple, yet ridiculous premise: a group of friends travel back in time to the 80's via a hot tub that's also a time machine. How does that happen? Here's a better question: who cares? How did the kids in Weird Science make a super-powered woman out of a computer and a Barbie doll? What's refreshing about this movie is that it doesn't get bogged down trying to explain the insane set up. It just plops these guys in the past and then commences with the funny. It even turns that into a gag itself by having Chevy Chase show up out of nowhere as the time machine repairman who never explains anything.

Of course, even that probably wouldn't make this movie stand out without the excellent cast. Rob Corddry is easily the standout of the bunch, but the three other main cast members definitely have their moments (even though John Cusack is basically the guy from High Fidelity again). Really, this movie could have been set anywhere at any time, and these guys would still have made it hysterical.

It's not quite an "instant classic" like say, The Hangover, but it's one of the few comedies I've seen recently that had me laughing from start to finish. There's no serious buzzkill moment where the characters talk about what they've learned from the experience (short of one quick Sixteen Candles-esque scene in the middle); it's just one funny moment after another. So basically, if you like laughing, definitely check this one out.

The Onion Movie
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[i]Epic Movie[/i]. [i]Meet the Spartans[/i]. [i]Superhero Movie[/i]. These "films" all have one thing in common: they wish they could be as witty as [i]The Onion Movie[/i]. Seriously, it's like the people behind this film watched all these other movies and then said "Pfft, we can do better than that."

To be fair, it doesn't feel like a movie really; more like an extra long episode of SNL, with random topical sketches strung together as a bizarre news program. There's a flimsy sub-plot that kind of ties things together, but it's forgettable at best. Still, it's been awhile since I really kept laughing throughout a whole movie. The skits they come up with are just hilarious and parody the American culture in some pretty unique ways (which is why it really feels like something by The Onion). There's sketches featuring a teen pop princess whose first hit song was titled "Take Me From Behind," a corporate training video for suicide bombers, a sad tale about a down-on-his-luck military contractor, and even a cameo from Steven Seagal as an action hero known as "Cockpuncher." Hell, even the sex jokes seem to be making some sort of commentary on American life.

The whole time though, it never feels like the movie is taking itself too seriously -- another thing that sets this one apart from other parody movies out there today. There's even a brief segment where film critics will interrupt the movie to debate its merits. It just feels like, well, a movie version of The Onion. Like the news publication, they're taking a snapshot of American life and making fun of it; because there's a lot of humor to be found there. It kind of all leads to weak conclusion, but I blame that on them trying to put a plot to this.

Overall though, if you like witty satire and bizarre "what the hell?" humor, you'll love this movie. It's full of the sort of comedy you'll be repeating to your friends later on.

This film is just further proof that The Onion needs to start making its own syndicated TV show.