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The Dukes of Hazzard
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ok, I know that the "users" always seemed to like bad movies a little more than the pro. critics and I've never bothered to comment on it. I'm aware of the normal distribution of intelligence; and the pros certainly aren't always on the mark -- but I've just looked at the users forum for "Dukes" and now I'm well nigh convinced that some of those forum memberships belong to industry shills. In any other movie, one couldn't be sure, but this is too much. I know that out of the 5 billion people in the world there are some who think eating babies is ok, but 57%!? I don't think so. The credulity factor is stretched past the breaking point. There isn't any confusion with a movie like this. If the percentage had even been 40% I might have left it alone while feeling a little scared of my fellow man. But 57%!? Ehhhhhhrrrnnnnt; thank you for playing! People like dumb things but they're not THAT stupid. The shills are exposed.