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Vampires Suck
Vampires Suck (2010)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This weathered style of parody ran its course after the first "Scary Movie." I thought that after "Meet the Spartans" they could not sink any lower but surprise surprise. It is doubtful that even the target audience will find much humor in this. I am pretty sure that the actual "Twilight" films have already made fun of the vampire genre enough on their own and even provided more, though unintentional, laughs than this forced juvenile upchuck of a film ever manages too. By the end of the film it almost feels like an extended Twilight-spoof Burger King commercial, only BK did it better.

Splice (2010)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The creators of this film were not completely without a clue regarding suspense, but the story as a whole was more yawn-invoking than thought. A large factor of disappointment derives from not only how predictable this film becomes, but how early on one can deduce the outcomes. Brody's acting was fine but the rest of the cast seemed to have spawned from the upper end of B-movies. There are far worse and cheese-o-rific sci-fis out there but that just is not an excuse.