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12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Batman Begins

Batman Begins(2005)


Batman Begins was really loud. I saw it in a THX certified theater, first time I have been in one. I didn't realize it until I left the theater. THose were some loud bats.

First, it is good that they went back to resurrect Batman from the absolutely abhorrent Schumaker (spelling?) films. There is a reason he is the Dark Knight. He needs to be dark, and so do the movies.

Soundtrack is excellent, especially the constant pulsing beat that they play. I thought it was a bit choppy, with many cuts matching nolan's style. However, some cuts seemed weird, such as one that divides katie holmes reacting to a cop and a bridge raising up. Random scenes such as Wayne driving two girls around town seemed out of place. Bale's fakey deep voice while batman was odd, as well.

Scarecrow was good, morgan freeman was good, caine was good. I thought Holmes was a bit weak. I still son't like the "batmobile", if you can call it a batmobile, but the chase was excellent.

Keaton Nicholson Batman is still my top Batman flick, but I'd watch this one again.