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11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Matador

The Matador(2006)

Haven't reviewed anything on here since last June.

The only movie I have seen thus far in 2006 is The Matador. The only other movie I have seen was a rental of Enemy at the Gates.

The Matador:

Quality movie, fun, inventive. Best random scene in a movie in a long time. Pierce, after a drunken night walks through the hotel only in a bathing suit and boots. Walks out to the pool, takes boots off, and drops into the water. Very funny, very random.

Enemy at the Gates:

I wanted to see this movie when it came out a few years ago. The trailer caught my eye, with the stop motion war action a kin to the Matrix. Watching the movie, however, shows no such scenes. Those kinds of shots would have been good to have.
The movie itself is decent. Good war movie, with great action. It may not have made the list of movies I'd see again, but it made me wantto learn more about the russian involvement in WWII. I was fascinated (if actually true) with Krushev's involvement. I compare every war movie I see to Patton. While impossible to have every actor learn Russian and subtitle the entire thing, I liked that the Germans in Patton were all speaking German. The movie loses a slight bit of reality to me when Jude Law plays a russian with a english-russian accent.