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A Bittersweet Life (Dalkomhan insaeng)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[left][font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=3][color=darkslategray]Infernal Affairs II:[size=1] Follows on from the first with style and flair, that makes it hard to resist this Prequel, despite it being not quite as good as the first. Infernal Affairs 2 is tightly paced with terrific acting from its cast and plenty of high octane action to keep most action fans pleased. The prequel focuses on the two supporting characters of Infernal Affairs who are able to take centre stage in this installement, seeing as they were my faves of the first I knew I would enjoy this, and I wasnt wrong. It follows Crime boss Sam (Eric Tsang) who is making his way up the criminal chain and Inspector Wong (Anthony Wong) a dedicated policeman determined to stop crime. In this film they are good friends despite the fact their on opposite sides, in Infernal Affairs they are sworn enemies. Its interesting to see how their friendship pans out, and to see the determination within them. A fine follow up to the first, now lets see Scorsese do The Departed 2. Grade: [b]B+[/b][/size][/color][/size][/font][/left]
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[left][font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=1][color=darkslategray][size=3]A Bittersweet Life:[/size] Another foreign film, another quality film. A Bittersweet Life is similar in theme to Tarantino's Kill Bill films in that the lead character seeks revenge on the man who brutally beats him to a pulp. It's cinematography is effective, the acting very good, and the violence is well paced. Theres much to admire about this film, despite the fact that the plot is hardly startingly original, it does add new depths to the idea, and its very entertaining throughout its duration, if you enjoy foreign films with violence I have no doubt you'd all enjoy this. Grade[b]: B[/b][/color][/size][/font][/left]

Watchmen (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

There's nothing wrong with superhero films that are dark and complex but surely they've got to be fun too?. Zack Synder's film is visually stunning and the set pieces are graphic and exhilarating, unfortunately these are the only few good points I can mention from a film thats epic in duration but epic in little else.

Where do you begin when you've watched a film as draining as Watchmen?, I'm just thankful I didn't have to experience this one at the cinema. The characters all seemed lifeless to me (the only one who brought some much needed life to the proceedings was Jeffrey Dean Morgan's The Comedian), the sexual scenes were so unneccassary, and the film seemed to move at such an alarmingly slow pace.

I have to say this one of the most disappointing films I've watched in recent months. I felt like this could be this years The Dark Knight, this was more like Frank Miller's diabolical The Spirit. It was much too long, very uninvolving, and too grim for my liking, definately not one I will be recommending.

My Sister's Keeper
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I have never read the book to this but before going into this film I had heard it was an emotional tear-jerker, boy critics and my good friends weren't lying this was one truly upsetting film. There wasn't a dry eye in the cinema we were seated in. The performances were truly heartfelt and pitch perfect particulary Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. Definately a film I would recommend seeing, it certainly made me appreciate my life, just go in with several boxes of tissues because this is one of the most upsetting films I've watched.

Public Enemies
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If I had one special request when crime films are made its that they should be directed by either Michael Mann or Martin Scorsese. There are no two better film-makers then these two when it comes to tranfering crime stories onto the big screen. With Heat, Miami Vice and Collateral previously under his belt, Michael Mann goes behind the camera to deliver us Public Enemies. It tells the story of John Dillinger (played with wonderful intensity by Johnny Depp), an American Bank robber in the 1930's era, who was hunted down by FBI agents Hoover (Billy Crudrup,superb) and Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale)for many years.

For starters this hasn't been a great year for films so far nothing's really wowed me and whilst Public Enemies is no masterpiece like Heat, its an effective, throughly engaging and excellent film. The cast are all exceptional, Johnny Depp brings a charismatic charm and menance to the lead role of Dillinger, its strange to seem him play a role so straight. Christian Bale is subtle and commanding opposite Depp. Whilst they don't share any scenes as memorable as Pacino and DeNiro in Heat, their encounters with each other make for a gripping watch. The supporting cast fair just as well all leave a lasting impression particulary Crudup and Stephen Graham.

This is pretty much a Michael Mann film, the depression and era are all presented beautifully on screen, and you get a real feel of the 1930's. The action is fast paced and hits you hard from start to finish. The story is well devised and keeps you engaged throughout. My biggest problem was how unbelievable some of it was, some scenes were just slightly too unrealistic, despite this all being based on true life events.

But as far as crime films go you won't do alot better at this moment in time, With a director as wise as Michael Mann and a cast as excellent as this, Public Enemies is definately worth you heading to the cinema for. Definately one of the best films of the year so far.