AlexiaP's Rating of Watchmen

Alexia's Review of Watchmen

8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


There's nothing wrong with superhero films that are dark and complex but surely they've got to be fun too?. Zack Synder's film is visually stunning and the set pieces are graphic and exhilarating, unfortunately these are the only few good points I can mention from a film thats epic in duration but epic in little else.

Where do you begin when you've watched a film as draining as Watchmen?, I'm just thankful I didn't have to experience this one at the cinema. The characters all seemed lifeless to me (the only one who brought some much needed life to the proceedings was Jeffrey Dean Morgan's The Comedian), the sexual scenes were so unneccassary, and the film seemed to move at such an alarmingly slow pace.

I have to say this one of the most disappointing films I've watched in recent months. I felt like this could be this years The Dark Knight, this was more like Frank Miller's diabolical The Spirit. It was much too long, very uninvolving, and too grim for my liking, definately not one I will be recommending.