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Mortal Thoughts

Mortal Thoughts(1991)

Mortal Thoughts is an early 90's thriller starring Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Glenne Headley. Glenne Headley stars as Joyce Urbanski, a mother and wife who is frequently abused and harassed by her abusive druggie husband James (Bruce Willis). One night the police find James body and they bring Joyce and her friend Cynthia (Demi Moore)in for questioning.

Most of the film takes place in the investigation room with flashbacks showing us the events that took place. While the acting was sometimes good, there were times when Demi's performance was off... Mostly during the interrogation scenes with Harvey Keitel. Sometimes her performance in those scenes was stiff, and it's pretty much obvious that she couldn't match Harvey Keitel as an actor.

The films strength is how it portrays the dysfunctional marriage between Joyce and James. Growing up in this type of
environment for a large part of my life I can say it felt very authentic to me. Bruce Willis rarely gets a chance to play a role like this and so that was a strong point also. He was pretty convincing as an abusive husband.

I would say that now this probably feels like a "movie of the week" type of thing, but I think its a tad better than that mostly due to the cast. Sometimes my patience was tested because there are a number of over-dramatic slow motion type scenes that seem to hurt the pacing of the film. I also felt there was a bit of lose end regarding Cynthia's husband, but overall its a decent one time watch.