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King's Ransom
King's Ransom (2005)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Really lame comedy. Not worth the time.

The Nun's Story
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[img][/img][b]Audrey Hepburn [/b][font=Book Antiqua]stars[/font][font=Book Antiqua] as Sister Luke, postulant of a Belgian order of nuns. Though frequently disillusioned in her efforts to spread good will -- at one point she is nearly killed by a mental patient [/font][font=Book Antiqua]- Sister Luke perseveres. Sent as a nurse to the Belgian Congo, an assignment she'd been hoping for, Sister Luke is disappointed to learn that she will not be ministering to the natives but to European patients. Through the example of no-nonsense chief surgeon,[/font][font=Book Antiqua] the nun sheds her idealism and becomes a diligent worker -- so much so that she contracts tuberculosis. Upon the outbreak of World War II, Sister Luke tries to honor the edicts of her order and not take sides, but this becomes impossible when her father [/font][font=Book Antiqua]is killed by the Nazis. Realizing that she cannot remain true to her vows, Sister Luke leaves the order and returns to "civilian" life. [/font]
[b]I found the movie too slow paced, but Audrey Hepburn gives a very good performance.[/b]

Aaltra (2003)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[img][/img]Hilarious and irreverent Belgian comics Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern wrote, direct, and star in this dark, edgy, and very funny comedy about two antagonistic farmers who, in the course of escalating their bitter rivalry, both end up paralyzed by a tractor. Teaming up, the irascible duo decides to exact revenge from the vehicle's manufacturer, and embark on a memorable oddball odyssey to Helsinki.

[b]Dark comedy that's worth a view.[/b]

[b][u]Day Break[/u][/b]
Filmed in a Tehran prison, a murderer is waiting for his sentence. In Iran, capital punishment is carried out according to Islamic law, which gives the family of the victim ownership of the offender's life. When the fam of the victim repeatedly fails to show up on the appointed day, Mansour's execution is postponed repeatedly which is a slow torture for him.

[size=3]I didn't find the film that interesting or the charactor's very sympathetic. At least the film is relatively short, 85 min.[/size]

La cripta e l'incubo (Crypt of the Vampire)(Terror in the Crypt)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[img][/img]The fetching Venetia Stevenson stars in this horror film as Nan Barlow, a young college student who is writing a paper on witchcraft. On winter break, Nan travels to New England to do some research and, on one of her professor's recommendations, stays in a small hotel run by the spirit of an undead witch. Soon, Nan finds that rest of the hotels boarders are witches as well and that she is about to become their annual Candalmas Eve sacrifice. Atmospheric and genuinely scary, HORROR HOTEL stars the inimitable Christopher Lee.
[size=3]Mediocre horror film. :rotten: [/size]

[size=3][b]Crypt of Horror[/b] (1963)
[/size][size=3]An Italian horror film in which a witch curses a count, claiming one of his own children will avenge her death. Years later, he fears his own daughter may be the one. AKA "Terror in the Crypt."
Pretty mediocre old horror flick. One thing that I found interesting tho was the lesbian subtext. The count's daughter, bored & lonely in her castle living with her father played by Christopher Lee is tormented by nightmares. Lee hires an investigator because he suspects his daughter is going to fullful this old curse that he will be killed by a member of his family. At first the lonely daughter seems mildly interested in the handsome investigator, who at the moment when he's about to kiss her, a stranger arrives in a horse drawn carriage. A beautiful blonde woman who seems ill, the count's daughter is obviously very taken with the beautiful blonde, and readily takes her in. Her interest in the investigator immediately dissolves and there are moments where the 2 women give each other erotic glances and they seem on the verge of kissing. Not surprisingly this is about as far as it goes, I won't give away the ending, but of course it's the handsome investigator guy to the rescue and the homoerotic element is nothing more but a tease. [/size]

Blood Thirst (Blood Seekers)(The Horror from Beyond)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[img][/img]While in London, author Edgar Allan Poe wagers that British journalist Alan Foster can't spend an entire night in the haunted castle of Poe's friend Sir Thomas Blackwood. Foster accepts, and once inside the castle, he meets various men and women, who explain to him that they are lost souls being forced to reenact their demises on the anniversary of the day that they occurred. This atmospheric, deeply gothic slice of Euro-horror was originally available in America only in an edited version.
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=3][b]Pretty boring and filled with cliches. The one interesting scene is where the gorgeous blonde woman who just saves the brunette woman from being killed by her jealous lover starts to make out with her. Unfortunately the scene is cut short when the brunette ends up stabbing her. [/b][/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=3][b]I've never seen a movie where the dubbed english is occasionaly replaced by the original french (without subtitles), complete with different voices coming out of the actors mouths. :confused: Perhaps these were the scenes that were originally edited for American release, and then later replaced for the dvd release.[/b] [/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=3]
[url=""]The Murder Mansion (1970)[/url] -
Four women and three men are forced to spend the night in an eerie mansion due to inclement weather, and they soon wish that they had stayed outside. Inside the horrible structure, terror and mayhem reign.

[size=3]Terribly acted, boring crap. Think this was an Italian movie that was badly dubbed into english. Since I doubt anyone else will waste their time on this crappy film, I'll tell you that all the supernatural events turn out to be a farce, in order to scare the other idiots in the movie to death, and winds up w/ ppl just shooting each other. Not worth the disk it was printed on. :rotten: [/size]

[img][/img]The blood-drained bodies of women are being discovered all over Manila, so the Police contact a sex-crimes expert to investigate. Soon he discovers the cult of the "Golden Goddess," a monstrous woman who stays young through ritualistic killings.
Truly bad movie. Some of the worst writing & acting ever caught on film. Only bothered to watch it since I got the dvd new for a $1. another movie is included on it - Castle of Blood. [/size][/font]