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Dreams (1990)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Few aspects of living are complete, few accidents and incidents make any sense. Maybe that's why I care so much about Kurosawa's [b]Dreams[/b]. It's so silent, so resolute in its calm confusion. So complacent and resigned against all beauty. Visually, it's a masterpiece. I know some hate it because it doesn't compare to his earlier films, I know it sometimes (okay, often) does move Kubrick-slow, agonizing, clockwatching slow. But it moves me in the most subtle of ways. And, damn, it's beautiful.


Flirting (1992)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


"I don't think fate is a creature, or a lady, like some people say. It?s a tide of events sweeping us along. But I?m not a fatalist because I believe you can swim against it. Sometimes grasp the hands of a clock face and steal a few precious minutes. If you don?t, you just cartwheel along and before you know it, the magic oppurtunity's lost. And for the rest of your life it lingers on in the part of your mind which dreams the very best dreams, taunting and tantalizing with what might have been."

Such a well-written film and Noah Taylor is awesome in it. Hilariously, when Nicole Kidman hit it big they enlarged her face and put it on the cover even though her part is very minor. I wish the main actors in this film did more work, they're so lovely.

Batman (1989)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I was obsessed with this movie when it came out. My brother Dean and I waited in line will all the other geeks to see it. But even before it was released - I watched every interview, clipped every article. I LOVED it. It was that rare thing - a sophisticated blockbuster, with grit and poetry. Perfect villain. Perfect superhero (my little, teenaged self dreamed about Michael Keaton for MONTHS after the film came out). And, yes, as much as I hate to admit it, Kim Basinger was lovely. I think she was the best Batman paramour. Lovely. She played that mix of intelligence and vulnerability so well (and if anyone has a question about her acting chops - watch The Natural or LA Confidential).

The film was dark, witty, brilliant. Jack Nicholson's performance was devilish and genius. And [b]Batman[/b] was directed by TIM BURTON. Even with the wretched Prince score, the film still stands a timeless and perfect representation of the anguished superhero.

On a side note, Val Kilmer is crazy.
Which is kind of irrelevant, because he's such an incredible actor (See [b]Heat[/b]).

Blades of Glory
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


This movie was a disappointment. I'm a Will Ferrell fan; I enjoyed Anchorman and even his strange forays into more dramatic fare (Melinda and Melinda, Stranger Than Fiction ... well, Stranger Than Fiction was a bit of a bore, but I admired the attempt). But I found he was the one thing about the movie that I REALLY disliked. I mean, everything was kind of lame and hammy, but Jon Heder's character was sweet and effective, Jenna Fischer appropriately adorable and Amy Poehler hilariously wicked (love her). But Will Ferrell puking in his costume? {headpalm}

I've nothing more to say.

How to Steal a Million
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Seems redundant to give Audrey Hepburn a 10. Like [spoken in Valley girl tongue], everybody knows that.