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Ender's Game
Ender's Game(2013)

That was what felt like 8 hours I'll never get back. So fucking dull.


really really awful.

Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys(2014)

Doesn't quite have that thrilling sugar rush of the Broadway production but does the material justice and the performances are as good as we could have hoped. Recommended.

Only God Forgives

all style and zero substance, what the hell was the point of this?


Just an absolute piece of shit, I went in expecting nothing and this movie somehow managed to fall short of that.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

It's a bird, it's a plane, nope, it's a bomb. Time for yet another reboot I'd say, this time with less Goyer. Should've been called PoS instead of MoS.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

I really love this movie, to me one of the best family films ever made.

12 Years a Slave

Django Rechained would've been a better title, either way this film is competent enough, but has a real been there, seen that vibe to it. Doesn't add much to the slavery genre.

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

Not. good. at. all. What a wasted opportunity.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This should be required viewing for everyone who works for the DC film division , THIS is how you make a comic book film!

The Hangover Part III

Total pile of shit and a massive waste of everyone's time.

The Campaign
The Campaign(2012)

This movie's a little underrated, funnier and more quotable than Anchorman 2.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

This movie just wasn't even close to funny.

Olympus Has Fallen

Just need to hear 2 words to know this will be a piece of shit: Gerard & Butler. And it was.

Scary Movie 5

Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Now You See Me

Yeah this movie was just so weak, such a solid cast wasted.

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

So Will Smith turned down Django Unchained to be in this pile of dogshit? My god, man.

21 And Over
21 And Over(2013)

Was hoping to be Superbad, ended up being Super Terrible.

American Mary

pretty weak overall, was hoping for a lot more.

August: Osage County

One of the best of 2013 easily, Meryl's never been better.

Piranha 3DD
Piranha 3DD(2012)

Just brutal, one of the worst sequels I've seen.


This movie is just plain stupid, thankfully I didn't pay admission to see it.

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins(1964)

Better than Wizard of Oz

The Master
The Master(2012)

Gets better with each viewing, can't beat the acting either.

Jack the Giant Slayer

This looks like such shit, BIG PASS!

Gangster Squad

Just an awful mobster flick, tried to be The Untouchables, ended up being mostly unwatchable instead.


James Cameron could be right, this is very possibly better than 2001. Might as well engrave that Visual Effects and Cinematography Oscar now.

Captain Phillips

Aside from a little too much time spent in the lifeboat, a very good thriller with Tom Hanks delivering a strong performance once again.


More true to King's novel, CGM is Spacek's superior in every possible way and this version didn't blatantly rip off Herrmann's Psycho theme either, all in all better than the 1976 version.

Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 2(2013)

We could use a good comic book movie in 2013, this should be the one.


More silly than scary, a couple disturbing images here and there but overall this was really weak.

The Conjuring

Great stuff, one of the scarier movies I've seen, bravo Mr.Wan!


I'd give it 7 stars out of 5 if I could, the only word to accurately describe this film is 'Monumental'.

Broadway Danny Rose

Very brief and very funny with some great characters and one of Woody's best, also some very nice black and white photography.

House at the End of the Street

Yeah this movie is really bad, with not one genuine scare to be found. I give it 1 Star, and that was entirely for seeing Jennifer Lawrence in a tank top. This movie would have been completely unwatchable without her in it, it pretty much was even with her in it.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Promising opening 10 minutes and it was all downhill from there.

The Internship

Very funny with many likable characters, much better than I could have expected.


Ok Brian Helgeland, I'm counting on you to make this the masterpiece it deserves to be, please don't let me down.

Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

Some cool visuals, but ultimately completely forgettable and unnecessary.

Project X
Project X(2012)

complete and utter shit, not funny in any way whatsoever.

Django Unchained

The most entertaining movie of 2012 for me, QT is still THE man, loved it.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

After seeing it, I kinda wish all films were shot in 48 FPS.

Les Misérables

If this film delivers on the promise of the trailers it could be an Oscar sweep.


This is the best Denzel has been in a long long time, what a performance!

Apollo 18
Apollo 18(2011)

Easily one of the worst movies of 2012.

The Iron Lady

This gets 2 and a half stars for Streep's performance and that alone, this movie is shit, not as bad as J Edgar perhaps but still not a good movie in any sense aside from Meryl's Oscar winning turn as Thatcher.


So far the best animated film of 2012, much much better than disappointing Brave.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Really bad and not in the least bit scary.

Conan the Barbarian

Complete waste of time, makes the so-so original look like Citizen Kane.