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Royal Deceit (Prince of Jutland)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[center][size=5]Royal Deceit
[/size][left]Royal Deceit stars two favorite actors of mine, Christian Bale and Kate Beckinsale. You can tell it's earlier on in there careers and is the first of two times they have worked with each other, the second being another small movie called Laurel Canyon. You wouldn't really know it from the title but this is actually an adaptation of Hamlet. Bale of course playing the lead role. Beckinsale has a very small part and you really don't see that much of her until the the very end of the movie.
I've read my fair share of Shakespeare plays but for some unknow reason I have never read or seen any interpretation of it until this movie. What I do know is that this film isn't an exact adaptation cause their is more of a happy ending then from the play itself. The film itself was ok, there are probably better version to choose from then this one. Which is a shame cause it does have a very talented cast who did there jobs the best that they could do.

The Island
The Island (2007)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[center][size=5][size=5]The Island[/size][/size][img][/img]
[left][size=2]I really just didn't care for this movie at all. I was doing my homework while it was going on but it was so uninteresting to me that I started to zone in and out. Either way I did get what the movie was about but I felt like the whole 'clone movie' has already been done before. Theres plenty of action stuff in it but I thought way to much, all the sequences seemed to follow one after the other instead of being spaced out. But it being a Michael Bay film I'm not suprised about that or that I didn't care for the movie.[/size]

Speed (1994)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[/size][left]I had forgotten how great of a no-brainer action movie Speed was! I was like 8 yrs old when this movie came out and I remember all the hype that everyone was talking about over it. Basically how awesome it was and that the majority of it takes place on a bus. And how hot Keanu was even though he's not that great of an actor he sure is nice to look at on the big screen.
Granted the action stuff is cool even after some many years later. And the storyline is a strong as your going to get with an action movie about a bus with a bomb on it. Their are a few cheesy oneliners that come out of Keanu's mouth that made me laugh, but overall it was fun to watch. This was actually Sandra Bullocks big break into the movies and she did a great job and stole a little of Keanu's thunder at times.
I really do recommend it to those who remember liking it or for those who may just be into these sorts of action films. In my eyes I do see it as kind of a classic action film just cause it did take a different route then the others. And people still remember it and enjoy to this day.
[size=6] [img][/img][/size][/center]

Alice Through the Looking Glass
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[center][font=Arial][color=black][size=5]Alice Through the Looking Glass[/size][/color][/font][/center]
[left][font=Arial][color=black][size=2]I don't know why I watched this movie, it was on tv and there really wasn't anything for me to do. Why I kept on watching it like I did well all I can say is that I didn't feel like getting up from my seat. This movie was a british production of the classic childrens story of Alice in Wonderland. Except when you watch this version you feel like you just smoked whatever the giant caterpillar was smoking and the movie turned more into Alice in Ecstasyland. This movei isn't anything that I remember from the Disney version, plus Beckinsale who plays Alice is obviously pregnant throughout the whole movie! You could tell that the filmmakers were trying to hide tha fact with big puffy dresses but come on now you could tell in the perfectly in the first scene. Anyway...I truely think that the writers, producers whoever came up with the idea to do this movie were really smokin something when coming up with the storyline. this movie is suppose to be for kids, but even a 6 year old can tell you that this movie is messed up.

Night of the Demons
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[center][size=5]Night of the Demons
[/size][left]For some odd reason I thought that this film was a spin-off of the Lamerta Bava film Demons, but it wasn't. In fact this film is a series all on its own starting back in 89'. I enjoy watching cheesy 80's horror gore and this movie fits right into that category.
Supposably a cult classic in it's own right, though I have never personally heard anything about it until after I watched it. But even though the storyline was dull which is typical for this type of genera the make-up effects were kinda cool and the gore parts were enjoyable. One scene was a bit disturbing to me which involved a tube of lipstick being consumed into a womens breast. Why did this happen and what was this suppose to mean to the story in general, I have know fucking clue? But this scene is supposably one of the famous scenes out of the entire movie. If anything I would recommend seeing the film for that scene alone, cause it's the one moment that I'll remember this movie for. It's not a great horror film but I do think that it would be a fun film to watch especially for the Halloween season.
[size=5] [img][/img]