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Night of the Demons

Night of the Demons(1988)

[center][size=5]Night of the Demons
[/size][left]For some odd reason I thought that this film was a spin-off of the Lamerta Bava film Demons, but it wasn't. In fact this film is a series all on its own starting back in 89'. I enjoy watching cheesy 80's horror gore and this movie fits right into that category.
Supposably a cult classic in it's own right, though I have never personally heard anything about it until after I watched it. But even though the storyline was dull which is typical for this type of genera the make-up effects were kinda cool and the gore parts were enjoyable. One scene was a bit disturbing to me which involved a tube of lipstick being consumed into a womens breast. Why did this happen and what was this suppose to mean to the story in general, I have know fucking clue? But this scene is supposably one of the famous scenes out of the entire movie. If anything I would recommend seeing the film for that scene alone, cause it's the one moment that I'll remember this movie for. It's not a great horror film but I do think that it would be a fun film to watch especially for the Halloween season.
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