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Amber's Review of Speed

6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


[/size][left]I had forgotten how great of a no-brainer action movie Speed was! I was like 8 yrs old when this movie came out and I remember all the hype that everyone was talking about over it. Basically how awesome it was and that the majority of it takes place on a bus. And how hot Keanu was even though he's not that great of an actor he sure is nice to look at on the big screen.
Granted the action stuff is cool even after some many years later. And the storyline is a strong as your going to get with an action movie about a bus with a bomb on it. Their are a few cheesy oneliners that come out of Keanu's mouth that made me laugh, but overall it was fun to watch. This was actually Sandra Bullocks big break into the movies and she did a great job and stole a little of Keanu's thunder at times.
I really do recommend it to those who remember liking it or for those who may just be into these sorts of action films. In my eyes I do see it as kind of a classic action film just cause it did take a different route then the others. And people still remember it and enjoy to this day.
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