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V for Vendetta

Great GREAT film, the best comic-related film I have ever seen. It features the perfect combination of action, special effects, intellectual stimulation, acting and satire/social commentary. They also refused to cave into the MPAA and opt for a PG-13 rating and instead chose the artistic route and decided to make their masterpiece THEIR way. Better than The Matrix.

End of the Spear

Let's see, where to begin. The films synopsis is utterly hilarious and goes something like this- a bunch of "friendly, wholesome, non-threatening Caucasians" travel to South America to "spread their faith" to a bunch of "savage, godless, barbarians living in the Rainforest!!". So, the film basically portrays the native people as savages without a shred of intellect or sensible emotion and the "non-threatening" missionaries as their only savior from there world of "sin". This whole thing makes me sick, needless to say the natives would have only reacted violently if they felt threatened....which they most likely did due to constant foreign de-forestation and murder. Not to mention these "harmless" missionaries most likely would have had the "savage non-Christians" slaughtered if they had resisted Christian influence. The pure hypocrisy, ignorance and laughable inaccuracy of this film is disgusting. Rather than feeling shocked during the "savage murder scene" should be laughing.

Land of the Dead

Great zombie film, great indie action film...but NOT a horror film. None of Romero's films are really straight ahead "horror" which is something I think alot of people are forgetting. The original Dawn was an action film with loads of gore and satrical is this entry.