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300 (2007)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

300 was an amazing cinema experience. It had visuals, cinementography, and sepcial effects unlike any movie i have seen in awhile. The battle scenes in the movie were some of the best i have ever seen, and are up there with those of the great lord of the rings movies. The plot is simple, 300 spartens, led by king leonidus take on 1 million persians. The persians keep sending more and more at the spartans and the spartans keep proving they are up to the task. While king leonidus and his spartans are at war wit the persians, his queen is at home trying to convincle the council to send more troops to aid the 300 men at war. The council is corrrupt, so they wont submit to her pleas. This movie has everything in it that men could want in a movie, amazing fight scenes, blood, and nudity, though i did find the sex scene in this movie to be quite laughable.
300 is exactly what the trailers make it out to be, a bloody good time. Simple minded plot, but amazing battle scenes. The cinementography in this movie was just excellent, and i have not seen anything like it. NOt even in sin city. (which i wasnt really a fan of).
The only reason this movie did not get a 10 in my book, was that i felt somewhat bored during the scenes in between the battle scenes. LIke the scenes before the battle scenes were interesting because they gave you some background info on spartans, and what is goin on right now. But those scenes in the middle, where the queen is trying to get more troops to aid the spartans; while necessary to have a small break in the fighting; just seemed boring, and took away from some of the excitement i had while watchin the battle scenes. HOwever, luckily there were enough battle scenes, that i was able to over look this minor flaw, and still enjoy this movie.
Those who did not enjoy this movie at all, must not have seen a single trailer before going into this movie, because it keeps the promise the trailer makes, with breath taking visuals, and superb fighting sceens. I also really liked the soundtrack to this movie, and it mixed rock with an operah type music very well, not overplaying either one. This movie reminded me of the matrix a lil bit, where it introduced a very unique fighting style with the slomo which worked perfectly. NOw we will probably end up seeing more and more movies try to copy this style just as many tried to copy the matrix style and they all will probably blow. But atleast we got one good movie out of it, and for anyone that saw and enjoyed the trailer to this movie, i strongly recommend this to u cause it was just like the trailer. But for you that did not like the trailer, but are curious about seeing it cause everyone is talkin about it, i warn you that the movie is similar to the trailer; that is that it has the same kind of battle scenes, and dialogue. But who nos, mayb you will like it. Anyways, 300 was an amazing movie, with superb battle scenes, and extrodinary cinementography, not seen in any current movies. GO SEE 300!

The Hitcher
The Hitcher (2007)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

going into the hitcher i wasnt sure what to expect, since i never saw the original, though i heard it was a pretty good b lever horror flick. Idk, but this remake didnt seem like a horror movie to me, idk if it was suppose to b, but it seemed more like an action flick with gore, and some suspense! This isnt a bad thing, just not what i expected. The plot of this movie i found to be completely unbelievable. Picking up a hitch hiker is believable, even one that is crazy and wants to kill u, but one that nos every move u r gonna make b4 u even no wat ur gonna do is not. HOwever, if you can overlook this, the movie is entertaining to a good level. One thing i can say is that i wasnt bored for the 85 min i was in the theater, though i do wish it had been a tad bit longer, since i thought the movie seemed alittle rushed at times. The basic plot of this movie was two college kids pick up a hitcher who turns out to b a physcopath, who frames them for murder, and these 2 must not only flee from him but also the police, as they make ever dum move possible to make the police believe that they committed the crime instead of john ryder, who i must say was played well by sean bean, who i like as an actor!

My favorite sceen of the movie, was also the most unrealistic one where ryder to a nine inch nails song, takes down 3 cop cars, and an HELICOPTER while they are chasing the 2 college kids, with a HAND GUN!!! it was cool looking, but also completely unbelievable.

Pros of this movie- good acting considering it was a horror movie, every1 was believable. It was entertaining, and somewat suspensful, and gorey! it had a decent plott that seperated it from some of the stupid slasher films out there that have no plot.
Cons- also the plott, cause it was soo unbelievable. it was not scary AT ALL, so dont expect to b coverin ur eyes in this one, unless u dont like some gore. but it was alil suspenseful. also the run time, i thought the whole thing seem kinda rushed, especially after the first confrontation with ryder.

Overall the movie was entertaining if u can overlook the unbelieveable plot, just dont expect this movie to scare u at all!
one prop i must give to micheal bay though, is that even though he doesnt produce the best horror movies, atleast he doesnt make these stupidass pg-13 horror movies that suck way more balls then wat he makes. He atleast doesnt tone it down. even though by remaking these movie, it is just to make a quick buck, he doesnt completely kill the genre by makin his movies pg-13 trash!

Saw III (2006)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Great movie, better than the first 2. At first i didnt like the begginning, i thought it seemed pointless, and there was alittle too much talking, but much there was much more blood, and gore. Also, though the ending wasnt really a twist, i didnt see it coming. I suspected alittle bit of what may happen, but not close to completely. I loved the ending and how it pulled everything together, and gave some point to the beginning of the movie. All these people that dont like this film probably hated the first 2 but for some reason still saw this one, thinking it would be sooo much different. IT is alittle different than the first 2, and there was more irony in it that twists, but it was still a great movie. If you loved the first 2 you will most likely like this one. Great way to end the trilogy. The director ended on a good note. Also tobin bell is great as jigsaw, and adds such a creepy feeling to his character. GREAT MOVIE!!!!

The Departed
The Departed (2006)
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Wow, thats all i was able to say after seeing the new scorsese film. It was amazing. The first 30 min of the movie i was a bit skeptical, cause it was a little boring, but that was just to set up the characters, cause the last 2 hours are amazing, leading up to a finale that i did not see coming (i didnt see internal affairs).
The whole cast is great in their roles, and Leonardo Di caprio has come along way from titanic, and he was really convincing. Matt Damon was also superb in his role, making him the guy you love to hate, and Marky mark added some style/humor to the film, and he was also very good. However Jack Nickilson steals every scene in which he is in. He was just superb at being the big crime lord. He would have you laughing at one moment then the next moment hating him. He deserves an oscar.
However if anyone deserves an oscar its scorsese for directing the best movie of the year. He is long overdue.
The basic plot of the movie deals with leo as the good cop who is undercover as one of jacks bad guys, and damon as the crooked cop. When both sides find out there is a leak on each side, leo and damon must race against each other to find out who the rat is to save themselves. The movie is a thriller/crime-drama. It is very suspensefull, and for the last hour i found that i was at the edge of my seat for most of the time. It was that suspensful.
I Highly recommend this movie if you like either thrillers or crime dramas, cause it suceeds at being both well. It is worth every penny, and is scorsese best picture since goodfellas. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is in no way a bad movie, like some of the people are making it out to be. It has amazing special effects decent to great acting (depp once again was amazing), and some very exciting scenes. However, it is too long. They could have easily made this into a 2 hr. movie, which would have also made it alot better, because some scenes are drawn out too much, and other scenes are just pointless. For example one sword fighting scene must have been almost 30 min long, and it could have been half that and still be very exciting. Also the plot was not the greatest, with too many subplots, going back between jack, elizabeth, and will. Also it can get somewhat confusing at times, and younger kids may not understand it. Plus the cliffhanger at the end leaves soo many questions to be answered that you wonder how they can answer them all completely in under 3 hours. Well this was all the negative things now for some positive stuff.

The scenes with davy jones were amazing, because he looked soo real and the actor that did his voice did such a good job at making him sound erie. These scenes alone are worth the price of admission. Also the battle scenes were amazing aswell, especially the ones with the krakon. Also the last 40 min or so were the best of the movie which led up to a very big cliff hanger, that makes you upset but excited at the same time. Though i did not love this movie, i still cant wait for the 3rd one to answer soo many questions. The movie wasnt as funny as the first but it did have some funny scenes, especially when jack was on this island and the inhabitants there believed he was a god. The music was also great. It really added a creepy tone to the movie, especially the music played by jones on the piano.

The best way i can describe wat the dead mans chest was like is by comparing it to watching action pacted movie, with a ok plot, and then in the middle of the movie when a big twist just happend, turning it off and waiting a year to see the rest of it. Dead mans chest is basically the first part of that action movie, seting everything up, adding some twists in there, and then just leaving you wanting to know wat is happening next. Basically to fully rate this movie, one whould have to watch the third part aswell, because it is like rating a movie that you have only seen half off. This is why i think so many people had problems with this movie. Dead mans chest by itself, isnt really a movie, and if there was not another movie coming out, dead mans chest would earn a much lower rating. I gave it a seven with the asumption that the third one, at worlds end will tie everything together, and once that movie comes out, dead mans chest hopefully will make more sense, therefore making it a better movie. All in all, this movie was still entertaining, and there is nothing like it out there (except for the first one), and if you enjoyed the first one, i recommened that you see this one, even though i wont gaurentee you will like it. It will atleast set you up for the third one, which i hope will be great. Also there is a scene at the end of the credits, but trust me it is not worth waiting for, cause it has nothing to do with the story, and is less than 30 seconds long.