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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Vive l'Amour

Vive l'Amour(1994)

I got this one from interlibrary loan and to be honest, I kind of wish I had not spent the time on this one. I'm not sure what this was going for, but I found it similar to [i]3 Iron[/i]. But at least [i]3 Iron[/i] was good because I was wondering what was up with the main character. Here, you have 3 people who's lives intersect in this one apartment. I get minimalism, and when I am in the right mood, I actually kind of like it. However this film will test your patience, and films are supposed to be tests, they are supposed to be enjoyable.


There weren't many pictures of this film on google so this is the best I could do. To be fair, the last half of the film is better than the first, but I watch these people interact with others and yet I feel as if I do not know them at all. During the last scene, I was rolling my eyes going, "I get it, I get it....but this isn't necessary at all".