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The Undefeated

The vitrol with which this woman is attacked with is so graphic that the original cut of this movie is X-rated. The version we see in theaters is edited. I have not seen this much hate about Hitler ot OBL, but this woman from Wasilla Alaska somehow manages to become the lightning rod for controvercy.
This is a very uplifting story of true American spirit. I had tears of ride in my eyes and tears of shame at how badly she is treated.
You can see and hear all the hated in the uncut DVD that will be released when the theatrical version becomes available.

Atlas Shrugged: Part I

I am hoping that with exposure and a groundswell of support(read: ticket sales) more production value, name talent and polish will come inline. I look forward to the second and third movies.
This was going to be a hard book to bring to screen, even with the best of the best involved. Kudos to the people involved for producing this movie, given the obstacles against them.


The Technological aspects are pitch perfect...Staggeringly beautiful and fully realized. The story is a bit of a let down. Top notch voice work by CCH Pounder and Wes Studi add gravitas, as does Sigorney Weaver in live action and Avatar modes but the weight of a weak story are still palpable.

This movie feels like Aliens to me. I hate to say that, but it does. It is also not as engrossing as I would have liked it to be. Again the worn story.

The 3-D was flawless and should serve as the benchmark that all future 3-D movies try to launch from.

RUN don't walk to see it, It almost lives up to the hype!

An American Carol

It's rare that I want to like a movie even after it's clear, from the first 5 minutes, that the project is not going to come together. I agree with the message, but this is not about a message it's about a MOVIE. This movie can't decide if it wants to be a comedy or a drama . It ends up being a conceptual mess... and an editors nightmare.

I welcome movies with a conservative sensability, but I want them to be good!

Snakes on a Plane

IF you are in the mood for a "B" movie that is fun and over the top, then this is for you. I had fun being part of the audience!!!

Strangers with Candy

Was there a critic out there that expected the same writers, director and stars of the television show to suddnly change their formula? They made a movie dealing with the same characters and same premise as the television show. To make a movie drastically different would have totally missed the mark. The movie is everything I hoped it would be. You either get it or you don't.

and, just like the T.V. show, people that do not like "Candy" are probably not fun to be with at a party....


All in all a good movie. Disturbing to me was the end. Spielburg juxtaposes a sex scene with the killing of the athletes. Was he trying to say "they all got fucked" or perhaps "all is fair in love and war." trying to grow as a story teller is admirable. I do not know what he was saying there.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This is the first "Harry Potter" movie that held my interest from beginning to end. Usually I lost interest mid way through each of the previous movies. I am actually looking foward to the next one. I also think it was a good decision to keep the actors from the original movie and allow them to age. I would not have attempted to keep track of the characters in this series had the studio recast for each movie to keep the children young.

Aeon Flux
Aeon Flux(2005)

Ok. The movie was good. Go see it. However, I saw a hanging circular mobile in the house of Aeon's sister's clone and I want to know where to get one. Any help would be appreciated!!!

Brokeback Mountain

The movie was flawless. I prejudged it and was expecting "B" grade melo-drama. I was wrong. Go to see this one in a good mood. This is no feel good movie. This is drama at its most tragic.

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

I liked this movie as much as I liked the remade version of Godzilla a few years back. I saw where the direction was going, I suspended disbelief and exercized my short attention span. Ultimately It is just too much energy for me to feel sorry for CG creatures. I am looking for humanity from humans and mindless action and violence from the digital domain.