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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Trouble with the Curve

Trouble with the Curve(2012)

I love baseball movies. It's a genre that touches me deeply as American. But if it hadn't been for the last 30 minutes of this movie I would have completely hated it. The story leading up to the last 30 minutes was boring, derivative (and derivative of bad movies) and absolutely not worth the time. I didn't care a bit about Mickey's relationship to her father; the writers didn't give me a single reason to. Eastwood wasn't interesting except for a couple of times when he showed that he really had some intuition for the game and player's abilities. Amy Adams wasn't believable as a lawyer who could do it all AND babysit Eastwood.

I think writers today really give us mostly crap and this is a prime example. The wrap was great but not worth sitting through the terrible writing to get there. 2 stars.