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The Return
The Return (2003)
7 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

First time director Andrei Zvyaginstev delivers a tense, surreal story of how two brothers reunite with their father after a 12 year abscense. Andrey and Ivan live with their mother and grandmother. One day, their father shows up and offers no explanation of where he's been for all that time. Their mother suggests a fishing trip among her sons and husband and they agree to it. They quickly learn that he is incredibly strict and wonder why he ever came back in the first place. Confusion leads to hatred causing unwanted consequences.

There's much silence in The Return. But when noone is speaking, the expressions on their faces says it all. The boys never learn about their father's past or why he took them to this mysterious island. Did he want to just hang out with his children? That's very unlikely.

The young actors do a superb job of playing their characters. Sadly, the actor playing the older brother died right before the premiere in a drowning accident.