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Side Effects
Side Effects (2013)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Aren't there easier ways to make $$$ for a beautiful girl than:

(1) Wait 4 years for someone you hate
(2) Kill them, in the hopes you're among 1% of those who gets a NGRI
(3) Hope to get out of the hospital in months, rather than years, or even decades as normally criminally insane do
(4) Hope that competitors stock will go up as a result of this incident and that your partner has enough funds and leverage to make a fortune out of it.
(5) Hope that you still find some money in an offshore bank waiting for you when you get out

With her charm, good looks and artistry she could have lured a multi-millionaire with only a few years left to live, and then go back to her lesbian friend. She could have done a zillion other things too before she had undergone this idiotic plan!

I admire turns and twists in a movie, but not when they reach such ludicrous proportions ! But based on the high user & critics ratings, to each its own I guess...

Rendition (2007)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It's strange to hear people defending medieval forms of tortures as "saving lives". But is this all worth if America succumbs to the level of Gestapo to achieve its objectives ?

I happen to have watched recently a French movie called "Army of Crime" where it shows how French Resistance members were tortured by the Nazi Police to attain information. And of course, they were labelled "terrorists", and indeed, in an effort to kill a Nazi high commander French Resistance may have killed innocent bystanders too.

However, my point is not too exonerate terrorists, but to ask how people can be so blase about the use of torture. To paraphrase a popular quote: "Those who sacrifice basic human dignity (yes, even for terrorists!) for some temporary security, deserve neither"

Army of Crime (L'Armée du Crime)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

While I am not trying to make direct comparison, there are some ire similarities between French Resistance against Nazi occupation and Iraq Resistance against American occupation and/or Afghan Resistance against American occupation like

....Both Resistances harmed occupying forces
....Both Resistances harmed "collaborators"
....Both Resistances harmed innocent civilians
....Both Resistances were labeled "terrorists"
....Both Resistances were gravely tortured when caught
....Both Resistances were composed in large parts of foreigners (e.g. Al Qaeda in Iraq)
...Both Resistances were guided through a radical ideology (i.e. Communism and Islamism)

Again, I am not trying to somehow justify the commission of Islamist terrorists acts, or degrade heroic acts of the French Resistance. Just to bring some perspective into this.

Of course, in comparison, to the great evils Hitler committed, French resistance acts of terror were trivial. Of course, in comparison to the great evils Hitler committed, Americans transgressions in Iraq and Afghanistan (and even Vietnam) were trivial. But then, everything is trivial when compared with the Holocaust.

And if we were to talk about Jewish "Occupation" vs Palestinian "Resistance" we'll be opening a whole yet another bag of worms.

History is messy. Labels are simple. I wish people and media were more circumspect when labeling.

Charlie Wilson's War
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

At the end Charles Wilson states that we *beep* up by not rebuilding the country. But if affluence in a country liberalizes it, shouldn't we have liberal democracies in rich countries like Saudi Arabia, not a cradle of Islamic terrorism? You just can't transform a country into a liberal democracy by throwing money at it !

A rich, highly educated Islamic radical is still a radical. A poor, uneducated democrat is still a democrat. Cultural and religious milieu cannot be quickly changed through economic, or even educational, influxes.

The only way to quickly transform a culture is by force. That's what Mao did during Cultural Revolution. And that's what Soviets did in other Muslim countries, and tried doing it in Afghanistan.

The paradox is how do you instill liberalism by force ? If you let regressive people vote, they'll vote in another regressive (e.g. Egypt's Mohamed Morsi). So to prevent regressive people from voting in a regressive dictator, you need another regressive dictator.

The Verdict
The Verdict (1982)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Well I imagine there could be a 2-3 million dollar verdict, which in today money is around 7-10 million. There was a need of just 50K (probably around 200K in today money) to establish a trust for paying perpetual medical care expenses according to the movie. So the rest will go to the sister and her husband. And I am not saying they don't deserve some compensation for their anguish, but this is like winning a lottery !

I mean if the Dr. is negligent, suspend him, take away his licence or jail him if merited. But when so much money is awarded, the rest of us pay through higher medical bills & insurance rates.

Personally, I wish they've established a governmental fund, akin to "Workers Compensation" and use it to support injured patients regardless of the fault of the physician. This will eliminate all these costly trials and direct more money into the pockets of the patient, and less into the pockets of the lawyers.