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Avatar (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Am I the only person who thought this "movie"(overhyped Cartoon) sucked ?!?!?
Weak plot, several bad plot "borrowings" from various other movies, Terrible dialogue, ridiculusly obvious political agenda "army/corporate men bad, native people good"(yeah, thats a New take on things), Sigourney Weaver getting called up into the Soul Tree made me ill, the scene where the real Jake "sees" whats her name at the end when she saves him made me Laugh Out Loud, really? really?
Yes, it was pretty, yes, effects great, but you can NOT call a "movie".. "epic".. "great".. "fantastic" etc, when the PLOT AND DIALOGUE SUCK !!!
82% critics, really??!!?! you should be ashamed of yourselves.