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Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

An alright movie with a few memorable moments and a multitude of lovable characters, but a poorly written plot and a vast array of plot holes keeps it from achieving what the first film did.

Fortunately, the new characters introduced held their own against the old (and not only in the literal sense, har har.) The villainous characters, especially the pharaoh, were fun to watch for the entire film. The returning characters were wonderful to see again, though their time on screen was cut drastically in favor of the new. Even then, the new characters had little time to truly be seen or be appreciated.

Even with the most casual attitudes, it's difficult to ignore the many plotholes that riddle the story. Although they may seem small, they can easily jump out even to those attempting to ignore them- A problem I had while viewing the film. Simply because the premise of museum exhibits coming to life is unrealistic, the writers are not entitled to discarding common sense. Labeling it a 'childrens film' does not entirely excuse this, either.

The parts I found most enjoyable were the ones grounded to the original characters returning from the first film, and I did not feel truly connected to the film until a return was made to the original museum. (Which, might I add, would not be possible under the time limit mentioned in a previous scene.)

Strong performances were had from everyone, which is to be expected from such an all-star cast.

Although definately not perfect and a far cry from the original, it's worth seeing at least once, maybe renting. A so-so film overall, and great to watch if not taken terribly seriously.

Star Trek
Star Trek (2009)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Although a fan of the franchise, I had actually seen very little of the original series. Even so, I had no troubles in feeling engaged with this movie. Early on you're pulled into the action and emotions. The characters are as lovable as they are in the previous movies, if not more so. You experience the events as the characters do, and you root along with them the entire way. Even those new to Star Trek won't feel alienated (if you'll excuse the pun) from feeling bonded to the characters.

The film managed to strike a good balance between 'updating' it for younger, new viewers, while also respecting the classic series itself. Like other Star Trek films, there's the sense of action and adventure with a good dose of humor throughout. At the same time, however, it has a younger feel, especially in certain scenes, that fit more with the style of recent movies. The acting was wonderful, and the characters were portrayed just as everyone remembers them.

The directing was smooth and fast-paced. The special effects were extremely abundant, yet they didn't have the effect as experienced in recent Star Wars movies. Despite filling the screen with dazzling visuals and epic detailed shots, it didn't distract you from the story.

Overall, a very enjoyable film that isn't restricted to Trekkies only, but anyone just so slightly interested in science fiction. Now we've only got to wait for a sequel.

Journey to the Center of the Earth
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Going to see 'Journey to the Center of the Earth', I really didn't expect too much. I read the critic reviews of the film, and knew it was a decent film if it was in 3-D. Unfortunately, my theater didn't offer it that way- but I ended up seeing it anyway.

Overall, I found it a very funny and amusing movie. Unfortunately, only half of it was intentionally made that way.

Plot holes abound, with so many I simply gave up trying to point them all out. They litter the film like holes in a cheese grater. The special effects are poorly done, and are haphazardly thrown into the story. Even the plot itself is fairly basic and predictable. The small sliver of character development and bonding is terribly handled, suddenly throwing the characters into emotional wrecks on a whim, with a touch of bad acting to give it an extra kick.

My biggest concerns, though, have to be the directing and editing of the film. The director seems to be new to the industry, making the same sort of mistakes students at film school tend to fall prey to. There are no suspenseful silences, no long, emotion filled glances from characters, no reliance on facial expressions or movements to pull things along. Instead, it is a continuous bombardment of dialog.

To make matters worse, the directing is severely lacking in both character action and in camera angles. More often then naught the camera angles are weird and awkward, poorly chosen and conflict with the flow of the movie. Even something as the romantic 'first kiss' of the movie wasn't handled well, as the camera angle chosen has the girl's head blocking the view. Um... what?

As someone experienced in working with video editing programs such as Adobe Premiere and the industry standard Avid, It shames me to see such a terrible piece of editing shown as a professionally done movie. It could be either the director, editor, or a mix of both... but a major flaw in the film's design lies in it's strange inability to keep a single camera shot on screen for more than 2 seconds. Continuously the viewer is bombarded by shot after shot, often of the same thing, and doing nothing to help the story or action.

Also, I was very shocked when I actually saw a full-fledged jump-cut. The exact kind you see on videos posted on YouTube that were edited by fans in Windows Movie Maker. A small mistake many people make when learning how to edit, or even when they're experienced. It's simply a matter of checking over the footage to make sure you don't have one. I have never seen one in an actual movie before, though. I'm still having a hard time getting over it.

Even if I was able to see this film again in 3-D, I don't see how it could possibly save this experience. While I would recommend it for children, I can't go farther then that.

Magic Horse
Magic Horse (1941)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It's hard to know where to start when describing this... interesting tale.

It's bad enough the box, as badly done as it may be, is terribly misleading, and only vaugely resembles the actual story.

The word I describe with this movie is: [i]Pain[/i]. The main character appears to be throughly gay, and appears to be in a relationship with his magical pony, who is maniler then he is.

The boy is forced to serve a maniacle, selfish, and preverted old King, who resembles a pedofile, and places misguided trust in his shady, disturbing soothsayer, who sadly is the most normal person in the entire film.

The story itself leaves much to be desired, as gaping plot holes abound. The only women in the film (as far as I could tell), was the maiden the boy lured with food then viciously kidnapped. However, after a time lapse, she is shown to be happy and joyous upon being taken to the crazed, old King, who insisted he was in 'peak physical form' enough for her. She waved him away, as he 'could not handle her "magic".

Then, towards the end, the boy is forced to partake in strange and dangerous tasks in order to recieve the princess. He must dive into three pots- one of boiling water, one of boiling milk, and frozen water. The king sat at the maiden's side, and commanded, "Take off your clothes and do me a favor." The boy bowed, taking off his coat, and prepared to dive into the pots.

To save the day, his magical pony lover appeared, cheating the entire process and enchanting the pots. The boy jumped in, flying from the first pot to the second, before finally diving into the last. Lo and behold, he came out a man, grown and ready to marry! He then went with the maiden, as the King tried to compete, only to die in the first pot. He then went on to marry the maiden, with his pony mistress following them.

Bad dubbing or no, I really can't describe my reaction to this... [i]interesting[/i] bit of animation. It doesn't help that the main character has cheeks that put Snow White to shame.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I had high hopes for the new Indiana Jones movie- the trailer showed that it held a lot of the same spunk the originals did, and bringing back Marian was something that made me giddy. Shia would do a good job, I knew. And Harrison's still at it.

I wanted to see the movie opening day- or maybe go with a large group of friends. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance. I found, however, I would have regretted wasting a Friday night on seeing this movie.

(Warning: Spoilers below!)

A year ago, if you mentioned 'Indiana Jones' and 'Aliens' in the same sentence, people would have laughed at you. And here we are- watching it in the latest movie. I'm sorry, but those are just two things that don't mix. If I want adventure movies involving aliens, I'll watch Star Wars. One of the great things about Indiana Jones was the sort of myths he explored- the Ark of the Covenent. The Holy Grail. Legends most people are somewhat familiar with, and inspire a certain sort of awe and mystery.

Apparently, Lucas had a hard time finding a suitable myth to use for his fourth movie, and turned to one of the things he knows best- aliens.

I had heard something with aliens was involved, but avoided spoilers. So, towards the beginning, when a box labeled 'Roswell' is recovered, and a strange looking hand is shown, it wasn't so bad. I thought it was a neat little allusion to the Roswell Incident, without being obvious. Unfortunately, it wasn't just that- it ended up being part of the [i]entire plotline.[/i] Things got worse when the aliens were revealed and looked entirely sterotypical- just off of an alien fanatic's wall poster. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did. I have to say, the flying saucer took the cake. Really. They didn't seem to bother with modifying the look or design of it, going directly for the sort shown in old-fashioned movies and Area 51 merchandise sold to tourists. The 'portal to a sub-dimension' wasn't much better, either.

I was actually tempted to leave the theatre right then, get my money back, and go see [i]Iron Man[/i] for the third time. The final scene wasn't bad. It just wasn't enough to get rid of the terrible aftertaste left behind from the latter part of the movie. So I'll just stick to my original plan- There are two Indiana Jones movies: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', and 'The Last Crusade'. All others will simply be rumors or myths, in my mind. I just pray there won't be an Indiana Jones 5- for all our sakes.