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Super 8
Super 8 (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

JJ and Spielberg are two of my favs to begin with, so with them teaming up to put out a nostalgic secretive sci-fi flick I was as giddy as can be.

Spielberg has such a talent for connecting with the inner child of the audience in films he makes and JJ does such a great job of building a project around mystery and wonder. The ability of the film to grab me and capture my sense of childlike wonder as only Spielberg can do was exactly what I was hoping for with this film. On top of this the direction of Abrams and his creature feature abilities and mystery captivated me on another level that left me very pleased.

I enjoyed the characters in this film, every one of them and this is very important for me. I'm usually a little standoffish with films that throw unknowns in the leads, but I knew Spielberg had done so well in many other films with this technique and had it pay off. (The Goonies, Hook, E.T.)

I honestly think I enjoyed the beginning third of the film the most. I truly enjoyed the fact that I could distinguish and feel the touches of both JJ and Spielberg on this film. It never felt like solely a Spielberg project or solely a Abrams project. They even had a cool little nod to George A. Romero with the film within a film Zombie Flick (Romero Chemical). That was a cool thing to pick up on.

Overall I really liked how the monster wasn't really so much of a character in the film, where the kids were the real characters. The monster was more of a prop until the last climactic sequence of the film, which really sets this film apart from your typical creature feature/monster flick. This was really an ode to film for Abrams and Spielberg, as much an ode to Spielberg himself with the E.T. meets Stand By Me theme as it was to any up and comer interested in film.

As expected and predicted (Bethann e) this film lived up to the hype and I enjoyed it very much. Keep it going JJ you are on a roll.

The Hangover Part II
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ok so I must admit I was never on the Hangover Bandwagon when the first one came out. To me the formula was nothing new and Hangover 2 is just more of the same. Obviously they took what made the first film a hit and aligned those stars yet again to push out this. I did laugh a decent amount mostly because I actually liked most of the characters in this film. I give it credit for being a comedy and doing what it should do in that aspect, but I'm not that easy to please, it takes more than a recognition of your genre to be awarded my acclaim. One question. After watching Ken Jeong host the Billboard Music Awards (terribly) and see him in just about every commercial, tv show and film can we all agree he has over-saturated the market? A resounding yes from me.