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The Cabin in the Woods
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Awesome. Caught this last night on one of the streaming services. Wished I had seen it in theaters! It is terrific fun, whether you are a horror fan or not. It is a fairly legitimate horror film, but splatters the viewer with laughter more than terror. Well done on all fronts.

Surrogates (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Intelligent premise and thoughtful social commentary outweigh the rushed pacing, and overly-condensed format. While there may be occasional problems with the dialogue, the underlying action and emotions ring true. Qualify this as a "thinking person's popcorn flick". The tone is serious in this action film. It challenges you to look at the behavior of all of those already plugged in among us, and examine how technology affects us in our own relationships. Surrogates entertained and engaged the synapses. Bonus.

Quantum of Solace
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

were the critics even watching? There is a VERY good Bond film to be seen here...

I am going to disagree with the critics here. Quantum of Solace, after its weak beginning, becomes almost every bit the movie Casino Royale does in its depth of story and character development. Big thumbs up for Craig, the actors and the talented writers, effects (physical and visual) and stunt professionals. This movie still feels grounded, and has some surprising emotional impact if you dare to let it in.
SPOILER WARNING: (I try very hard not to spoil, but it may happen accidentally here. Personally I hate spoilers, so if you do too, read on past this just in case.)

What doesn't work:
To be fair, the film starts out pretty weak, especially in the first 15 to 25 minutes. Then it really kicks in until firing on all cylinders by the end of the film. Problems with the beginning...
[SPOILER]1. Foot chase and car chase. Yes, they are cut too quickly, shot too close like the first Bourne movie did. So the magic of the phenomenal free running chase from Casino is not there.
2. the opening song. I think both major recording artists involved are tremendously talented, but this Bond song did not have nearly the same energy of You Know My Name. The visuals suffered as a result during the opening credits, and they resorted to the old suggestive naked / women type opening. The curves in the sand only vaguely worked. You could feel the energy sink in the theater during the opening credits. (Don't get me wrong, curvy gals are just great, but this didn't match the raw/electric energy and style of the cards / combat / flash type opening of Casino Royale.) That said, Another Way to Die came off a lot better in the film than it does in its music video. It may grow on me yet.
3. M saying "I don't know if I can trust you" yet again seems to be showing signs of fatigue. To hear it again seemed a touch forced, even in this narrative.
4. Bond has become slightly invincible(ish) at times. Energizer bunny-like.
5. Ummm... that's about it![/SPOILER]

What works:
Here's why the film succeeds in becoming a good REASON to continue the direct storyline of the last movie. SPOILER ALERT AGAIN:
[SPOILER]1. Daniel Craig, and the rest of the cast. Mr. Craig is a powerhouse in the role, Dame Judy Dench is wonderful as always, with strong performances by the actors Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric, Giancarlo Giannini, Gemma Arterton, Jeffrey Wright, and Jesper Christensen.
2. every action and motivation is explained within this movie in a rational and believable manner, consistent with the world view of the movie.
3. BIG SPOILER ALERT: There are several unexpected emotional moments in this film, and the biggest emotional moment does not even really involve any of the women characters! All I can say is the death of one character is even more affecting than Vesper's death, and is made even more poignant in the way their death is handled before the end of the sequence. It is utilitarian, cold, pragmatic. The last request of the dying character largely gives this Bond movie its heart, and the character of James Bond permission to move on, find the truth, discover the reason why preserving life (if at all possible) is so important, and ultimately, forgive. It is a great character arc, and richly deserves more attention and discussion.
4. BIG SPOILER ALERT: Bond's character change allows him to ultimately save someone else, and redeem the promise of Vesper's attempt to do good even while in mid-betrayal.
5. The story pacing is indeed very good. There are many moments that give you enough time to catch up with story, motivation, etc.
6. Strawberry Field's name is ONLY known as Fields (Just... Fields) in the movie, keeping in with the rebooted Bond's maturity. Her first name is not revealed until the credits. And by then it's just kinda cute.
7. the list of pros for this movie could go on. But it would involve a discussion potentially revealing more spoilers. I may wait till later in the picture's release to discuss further.[/SPOILER]

My recommendation is to see Quantum of Solace in the theaters. Keep your expectations low, and your attention glued to the screen. Don't look down to scrape the last bit of cheese from overpriced nachos, pay attention to the story. It's all up there to enjoy, and while it is not Casino Royale, it's still one heck of a tale. I'm a bit thirsty now...