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Edward Scissorhands
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

rated PG-13 for violence,a scene of sexuality,brief langauge
here we have edward scissorhands the 1990 film starring johnny depp doing an excellent job as edward, anyway this movie starts off with a door-to-door avon lady who isn't getting any business so she goes too this old mansion and when she walks inside she sees that there is somebody running from her but she can't get a glimpse of them and than she goes up the stairs and in a dark corner of the upstaris room she finds a man with a pale face and cuts all over his pale face and he also seems too have scissors for hands and she also notices the fact that he is very alone and unhappy so she brings him home and he fits right in with the family until their daughter kim comes home from a trip with her friends and her boyfriend and at first she hates edward and so does her boyfriend,there are are many things that happen in this movie but i will just tell you most of the main points, anyway they find out that edward can open up any door with one of his scissors so they trick him into thinking that this one guy stole from him and they break into a house, edward gets locked down in a room with the alarm blasting and even though kim (who now likes edward and has gotten used too him) says they should go back her boyfriend bees the asshole that he is and carries her into the van where they drive away and edward gets arrested but gets too return home the next day for many reasons while he is still mad at kim's boyfriend he is still in love with kim and many events happen after this but that leads too the sad emotionol ending and i hate being a spoiler so anyway this is a brilliant movie and if you sit down and watch the whole thing it's very sad about a misunderstood monster not ready for the outside world that everybody is just taking advantage of anyway the directon on this movie is brilliant tim burton does an amazing job directing and johnny depp as edward is defintly one of his most memorable performance and this movie is also so unique that i just love it, it's defintly worth seeing anyway be sure too see this excellent film if you haven't already and i am out

Batman (1989)
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Batman 1989
starring michael keaton and jack nicholson
rated PG-13 for stylish action violence
Directed by Tim Burton
anyway today i am going to try to review the entire batman series including batman begins anyway this is defintly one of the best tim burton films ever made i loved it all the stars did an excellent job as their characters and tim burton took a dark approach to the first live action batman movie ever made which made it even better and i also liked the style that he used for this movie,i have one complaint though,michael keaton did dod a good job as batman but unfortunately not a great job that's my only complaint so yeah this is a great film and it has some good action sequences even if they don't look as good in 2006 it still has some really good action sequences and it also stays pretty true to the comic book even if tim burton did some stuff of his own anyway this is an excellent movie see it if you haven't already
reasons to see this film:
the cast all works great
stays pretty true to the comic book
has a dark and creepy (and stylish) approach from tim burton
jack nicholson plays a great joker
the new batmobile can never match up to the oringinal from the adam west TV show but it's still pretty damn sweet
one of the best superhero movies ever made
reasons not to see this film:
michael keaton does a good but not a great batman but i guess i can't complain that much so let's just say there's some minor (very minor) problems in this movie that anybody could easily overgo so yeah let's just say none