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11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Batman 1989
starring michael keaton and jack nicholson
rated PG-13 for stylish action violence
Directed by Tim Burton
anyway today i am going to try to review the entire batman series including batman begins anyway this is defintly one of the best tim burton films ever made i loved it all the stars did an excellent job as their characters and tim burton took a dark approach to the first live action batman movie ever made which made it even better and i also liked the style that he used for this movie,i have one complaint though,michael keaton did dod a good job as batman but unfortunately not a great job that's my only complaint so yeah this is a great film and it has some good action sequences even if they don't look as good in 2006 it still has some really good action sequences and it also stays pretty true to the comic book even if tim burton did some stuff of his own anyway this is an excellent movie see it if you haven't already
reasons to see this film:
the cast all works great
stays pretty true to the comic book
has a dark and creepy (and stylish) approach from tim burton
jack nicholson plays a great joker
the new batmobile can never match up to the oringinal from the adam west TV show but it's still pretty damn sweet
one of the best superhero movies ever made
reasons not to see this film:
michael keaton does a good but not a great batman but i guess i can't complain that much so let's just say there's some minor (very minor) problems in this movie that anybody could easily overgo so yeah let's just say none