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10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Dark Water

Dark Water(2002)

So I got the J-Horror edition of [b]Dark Water[/b]. Now, me myself included, have complained about the crappy American J-Horror Remakes. But after seeing both. I guess the remake wasn't that bad. Well because I thought the original was maybe about the same. I thought both movies were okay. But nothing great.

When I popped the DVD in, I noticed it was from ADV. One of my fav. anime licensers. The first few seconds began and I noticed that it was dubbed! Not the problem that it was dubbed. But it was the first audio selection instead of the original track. If I'm gonna be watching a foreign flick, its gonna have to be Subbed. Because dubbed looks and sounds so horrible. Its very different when talking about anime, because its usually easier done and made look to fit. But thats my only big beef with the movie. If you call it a beef.

The acting was well done. I wouldn't be as to say that I was on my toes, but I think the movie killed it for me because I already seen the American remake. It wasn't as [b]Infernal Affairs[/b] when I haven't seen [b]The Departed[/b] yet.

But the movie in general was really bland for me. I would highly suggest renting it. If you're into the trying Foreign films that is. But I do have a bunch of other J-Horror dvds that I've either never heard of or know nothing about that I'm about to consume so there should be alot of fresh idea's and new things in those flicks. Until then.