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World Trade Center

World Trade Center(2006)

So I finally decided to watch both these films. I got 'em both for a dollar at my local library. No harm no foul IMO.

I've always been hazy on both films. Thinking that they are just propaganda or worse, a cheap gimmick for Hollywood to make an easy buck off of. That one really made me think what these movies were really about. Not to show the true suffering and struggle of the American People, but to just make an easy dollar and get rich off of it.

I also thought that these movies were made too damn soon. I don't think we were ready as a county to see these films. Not yet. [b]Tora! Tora! Tora![/b], which was basically about Pearl Harbor, was made in the 70's. And that film was in the right time frame I thought. But I bet there was films made right after Pearl Harbor to reflect on that.

But will these two be better than [b]Tora! Tora! Tora![/b]? No, not in my opinion. Evertime, somebody switches it to that movie, I always bitch and complain. Yet it takes about 5 mins for me to get sucked into it. Thats a great film. But lets get down to these films. Lets start off with [b]World Trade Center[/b].


I still have my doubts on this film on whether it was trying to portray american survival or just to cash in on what seemed like an easy hit. And I really think its the latter, because they cast Nick Cage as the lead and try to make it as a summer Blockbuster flick.

But it wasn't that bad. It was a bit slow and dramatic, trying to get you in that weeping kind of spot. To just get at your Heart. And it does do that. But I don't think its that kinda film that you want to cherish forever. Maybe even own. I think its just a good rental to learn about the port authorities and what not.


Now this film really got to me. I knew this was the big one. The one that over stepped the boundary. And I noticed that I didn't know any of the cast. It wasn't like WTC that had Nick Cage or Maggie Gyllenhaal. I didn't know a single thing or couldn't think of where I've seen this actor before. They were a bunch of faces I've never seen before. Just like if you were to get on a airplane to travel.

And for anybody that knows anything, already knows that this movie doesn't end in a happy ending. And I knew it was coming too. I regretted it, I didn't want it to happen, because of the fight, the way they wanted to live and not want any others to suffer by having this plane hit some target as well.

The movie really showed how there was basically no information or no talks between the Air Traffic Controllers and the Military. This really dumbfounded me. I expressed that thought with my dad and he responded with, "They fixed that right?" and I replied with, "I hope." Because how it showed that there was no communication what so ever and both wanted to get information or to know what was being done and nobody knew how to get that information over to them.

It also showed who was the bad guys from the beginning. The camera focused way to much for you to already know who the "Evil Doer's" were. I wished that they could of still tried to make it a bit more confusing that you really didn't know who was who. Because at the beginning, I already knew who was the leader, who was flying the plane. But, in the back of my mind I was thinking that they were just trying to play him off as a fake. And that reasoning was, when he called his Cell Phone at the Air Port and said, "I Love You." I swore I thought I heard him say, "Ich Liebe dich." Which is german for I love you. But to my guesses. I was wrong.

This movie really captured how the strong the American Spirit is. This film felt like, even though it ended bad, that we will fight to do what is right, no matter the costs or if our life is on the line. The movie really portrayed that and I felt they should of. Because thats basically what the film is about. Being United.

I'm not entirely sure, if they did this on purpose by putting the British guy who didn't want to put up a fight to stop them. Were they saying that foriengers are weak or the british are weak or that they just don't really want to put up the effort to do what is right. That one really struck me odd. Even when he sprang up to try and stop them from charging the guy. I think it was the fear that overcame him that he was afraid that he was gonna die instead of fearing that he and hundreads or who knows how many would die if he let them do what they wanted to do. Maybe they should of just made him French.

I would highly recommend to anyone to see this. Its a thought provoking, heart breaking, captivating film. When it drops in price, I might consider buying it. But along with the Passion, I probably won't watch it much, because even though they are great films. Its still a very sad and true story that you don't want to dwell on alot.