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Tyson's Review of Jackass: Number Two

10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Jackass: Number Two

Jackass: Number Two(2006)

Well, from spending 50 cents from my local library, I finally seen what all the teens were geeking out for. And it wasn't bad. There was alot of funny bits. But not much depth. Well..... I wasn't expecting any either. C'mon, its Jackass.

Thinking that it has Depth is like thinking that Paris Hilton has a personality. She's like a fucking Robot. One that I can't understand and still can't kill with my plastic spork. And believe me, I would try. Right in her fucking Eye. I bet she'll still think she's hot with 4 inches of recycled plastic sticking out of her now-useless-eye. It goes with her always-been-useless-self. I cheered when she died in House of Wax. Another fucking bad remake. An a Horror Remake. Those make enema's seem like Heaven nowadays. *Prays to god that Rob Zombie won't fuck up Halloween*

But back to this film. The stakes are higher, the skits are worse and more fucked up. And to say the least, sometimes disgusting. But I expected that. Alot of it was hilarious. It was good for 50 cents but that was about it. Its not worth buying. Especially for 20 bucks (see Random Rants). And might be worth it if you could find it at EB Games for 10 bucks..... Well if you did the 3 for 20 deal and got 2 other good movies to make the Jackass Movie an alright pick.

There's not much to talk about this film. Alot of skits, some funny, some not. And thats about it. I would say watch it before you buy it. You're wallet would be happier.