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10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa(2006)

I was going into this movie with alright expectations. I felt that Stallone was basically trying to redeem himself from Rocky V. And he proved it with this great finish.

The movie follows after Adrian dies from some sort of cancer, I wasn't very apparent to what the cancer was. But she's gone. And here comes this deeper, emotional story about Rocky trying to live with himself after her death and how he struggles.

His son basically hates him. Well not hate him but hate the famous person he is and puts him in a deep dark shadow. All his Son recieved was because Rocky was his Dad. He basically earned nothing by himself and that ate him up inside.

Rocky decides he wants to fight again after a computer generated fight with him and the current champ. Rocky getting curious decides to fight one last time (and hopefully this is the last time). But he only wants to do some local fights nothing big, but Rocky becomes swayed and has a Exhibiton fight with the champ.

There's a good storyline that is places on this, making fun of Rocky because he's too old. It makes it work. And hopefully, there will be no more sequels to Rocky and thats the end of it. Nothing about his Son fighting or anything Silly like that. Its done when its done. And this series is done.

The movie isn't half bad as people thought it would be. I actually enjoyed it. Its a bit long because of all the character development. And it seems like it should be a bit long and drawn out to show how frustrated Rocky is. I'm gonna buy it when it comes out on DVD. It'll be a nice add to anybody's collection. [font="] [/font]