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Tyson's Review of Fruits Basket - Box Set

10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Fruits Basket - Box Set

Fruits Basket - Box Set(2001)

I finaly got to see the whole series of [b]Fruits Basket[/b]. I've been reading the manga and been enjoying every single bit of it. For of those who haven't heard, read or seen [b]Fruits Basket[/b], its about the chinese zodiac and how the family Sohma (certain people of the Sohma family) turn into animals in the Chinese Zodiac (plus the cat) when hugged by the opposite sex.

This is basically a Shojo Manga/Anime. And for those who doesn't know what Shojo means. Its basically romance stuff for girls. But this little Manga/Anime has alot of guy supporters too (including myself). I'm a furbura freak! And thats pretty sad.

I'm not sure if I should be confused about my sexuality or not after watching and reading Fruits Basket. And here's why. One of the lead characters, Yuki Sohma, looks very hot. Almost to be a chick. Let the confusion begin!


So there's confusion added on to that. I've noticed that alot of anime and video games with anime styles are trying to make the cute boys look like girls. Creepy... And to add insult to injury. They sometimes have Yuki in a dress! I'm utterly confused.

But other than that hysterics. The anime is pretty good. It gets kinda alright at the end. I wasn't a fan for the ending. But the anime is good. The Manga puts it to shame though. I would say read the manga if you're really wondering about this story. Around volume 13, I was in tears. Because the manga is just too sad to bare. There's alot of romance in it. But its a good story. I would recommend this to anybody who is into anime and manga. This is def. a must see and read. Read more than see In My Opinion.

And what makes this story so great. Is that the Main, Main character. Tohru Honda, lives with the Sohma's, knows of their curse of turning into animals. And gives them all love that they thought they never had. I'm not sure if the Mangaka was trying to put Christian Philosophy into this. But all 12 Sohma's are connected to a "God". His name is Akito. He puts fear into everybody that is close to him and they obey him. And it seems like in my mind, Tohru is like Jesus Christ. Instead of putting fear and obidience into the Sohma's. She puts love and charity into them. Its just that Tohru and Akito don't share that Father/Son Bond like God and Jesus.

The manga is pretty deep. Make you sit down for awhile and go, huh. Never thought about that. If you don't have the time to read the manga, then watch the anime. Its not as great as the manga. But its pretty good.