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The Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing! They get it right this time!

Evil Dead
Evil Dead(2013)

An alternate take on Evil Dead without Ash justifiably. Worth a look.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

Jack Sparrow meets The Corpse Bride in Tim Burton's homage to Dark Shadows where another classic TV series becomes a satire comedy after Starsky and Hutch then 21 Jump Street (Johnny Depp were you offended yet?) The story is an offshoot contrast to The Brady Bunch in the 90s while Dark Shadows memorable characters are in the 70s. Yet strange, the series aired in 1974 but story lines had nothing to do with the 70s.

The film carried a multi-story with the witch who cursed the Collins family from 1794 to the 1970s we know tied to the main story from the series on Barnabas Collins (Depp) who was bitten by another vampire but instead, the witch (Eva Green) turns him into one. Burton crams portions of plot twists from each character that had no effect as did the supposed scare moments were no avail. The film's emphasis was about family as where they went from there, Eva had so much fun being all over the film especially Angelique's office romp with Barnabas was too ludicrous for a sex tape. Especially the show's memorable disco ball celebration became a disco Alice Cooper concert. And a brief moment of Dark Shadow's theme song played in mid-part of the film.

Many pieces of material from the series to this film can refresh memories for the fans but stacked up like an unstable house of cards about ready to fall. Too bad. If Burton's story was more thorough, he could've revived the show as a three part movie franchise. To the fans, get the original and/or the 12-part remake mini-series on dvd.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman is darker and more Grimm for your bucks than Disney's animated classic and no 'Hi-ho' ems. Even if it's Snow meets LOTR with a little Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Twilight (Kristen Stewart), the Grimm Bros. Seven Dwarves (not Disney's) didn't have a huge role but turn up in the second half of the film.

What's wicked is Charlize Theron steals most of the movie as Queen Ravenna who was pure, innocent and white as Snow from their childhoods. Sadly, the demise of her family and village with her mother's spell to maintain Ravenna's beauty made her evil and hellbent vengeful on every kingdom she plundered to be the fairest of them all. Snow herself, is 'The One' who can undo the damage Ravenna has done if she wasn't lured into eating poison apples or feel reluctant to lead her knights into battle if she had more girl on girl fights experience. Prince Charming is two guys; son of the Duke, and an axe wielding hunter of different backgrounds. The Prince is Snow's childhood boyfriend who's personally connected with her as The Huntsman connects his strength, will power and fighting experience to her in a strange fresh grunginess.

Pretty good mystical magic and fantasy effects delivers some of Disney's cheesy wholesomeness in the Enchanted Forest and gases 'em out in the Dark Forest. Not quite original but a pretty good stand out from Disney's Snow and those continuously annoying Cinderella teen spin-off flicks still popping up. Hope this Snow inspires a dark edge to Sleeping Beauty.

Marvel's The Avengers

With DC Comics falling further behind the comic-book movie competition focusing more on the Superman and Batman franchises, Stan Lee and Marvel Entertainment now have The Avengers assembled! Based on the super-team's comic-book origin when Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Capt. America with SHIELD's Black Widow and Hawkeye (replacing The Wasp and Ant-Man), joined forces under the U.S. Government and SHIELD's authority facing Thor's adopted brother Loki and an alien invasion.

The story picks up where the previous Marvel films had left off from Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Capt. America. Most of the Avengers cast is from the Iron Man films while the other iconic heroes come in to play. Todd Hiddleston does a superb acting job reprising as Loki while Chris Hemsworth reprises less Thor from the comics. Chris Evans as Captain America lost in the modern world we know frustrated in wanting to return to the 1940s. And sporting more blue and less red and white for a cheesy new costume. Robert Downey Jr. on Tony Stark/Iron Man the billionaire playboy defense contractor. And Mark Ruffalo (replacing Ed Norton) as Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk radiates Bill Bixby's acting prowess. The cast finally knows what it's like to be in a Power Ranger movie.

For a PG rated film, it does pretty well with the heroes in fighting each other, CGI effects, windows and buildings getting smashed all around NYC and those pesky aliens summoning Thanos! DC Comics should get the Justice League of America to clean this up.


In Hollywood's era of remakes, sequels, and 3D, we see more dance movies' lead cast of no-star power dancers unfamiliar to the public contrast to actors. In this "Footloose," could have been a homage but looks convoluted to the original using CGI and bad acting dancers. The same might be with a "Dirty Dancing" redo.

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

Prelude of The Thing to John Carpenter's Thing needs a redo 2 years from now. The Thing's blood was around but there was not a drop of suspense and scare in it. And the CGI effects were not gory grotesque enough to make the goriness of Carpenter's to puke over. It was Star Trek meets Disney CG animation!

What is seen is what supposedly might have happened to the Norwegian team when they found the UFO and 'it' frozen in the ice. The Thing breaks loose and things go from bad to worse. Most of the scenes had loud annoying music that were unnecessary for most of them that didn't set the moods right for each scene. The Norwegians were doomed to fail in stopping The Thing. A chronology of events that took place to follow Carpenter's film didn't pay off.

And for those who gave their positive reviews of this prequel, WTF?!

Captain America: The First Avenger

Marvel finally justifies Captain America. Or is it three times the charm after the 90's version with J.D. Salinger's grandson came and bombed, including two TV movie pilots (attempted a series after Spider-Man, no such luck) from the 70s with Reb Brown were cheesy, inaccurate, and so horribly bad for Stan Lee cringing until cardiac arrest? Thank god Dr. Strange revived him.

The movie stuck to Cap's origins foretold in the comic-book with Bucky Barnes (aka: Nomad, Winter Soldier, and current Captain in the comics), not the original 'Bucky' who died on duty. So much history on Cap, the comics boosted moral and positivity in our American troops, it caught Adolf Hitler's attention, calling him, "American propaganda." The story and visuals do look and feel like the 1940s with Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) tries to enlist a second time after failing as a 98 pound 4F. He volunteers for the Super Soldier Project and becomes a 250 pound super soldier. Hugo Weaving does a great portrayal of the Red Skull tinkering with the Cosmic Cube and then some. Tommy Lee Jones looks crustier than Krusty the Clown with more cracks and wrinkles. And Atwell did a decent job as Peggy Carter.

Good drama and action scenes including some humorous moments. And the end credits were surprisingly entertaining - Avengers Assemble 2012!!!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon was slightly better than ROTF borrowing an essence of Pink Floyd but instead, Spielberg and Bay serves us a robot mash potato B-flick with no gravy (Megan Fox). Most of the first two acts were god awful with bad acting and dialogue, the much anticipated one hour third act; the Decepticon invasion/vs Autobot battle in Chicago was very gritty full of robot carnage, mayhem, humans disintigrated a-la "War of the Worlds" (Spielberg's crap version), and high rise demolishing dismay to movie critics. As if they've never seen "Destroy All Monsters" with Godzilla. I would've given this a higher Tomato grade if the third act had over 40 minutes more.

The story picks up after ROTF. Sam was awarded a medal of heroism by Pres. Obama for saving the world twice, meets his new girlfriend (Victoria Secrets model, Rose Hunnington Whitney, who didn't do much) at the White House, graduated from Princeton, and scrounges around Chicago for a job working for (John Malkovich), a tech exec, as a Mail Clerk. But it just didn't feel right without Megan Fox when she got fired. Somebody slap Spielberg. He's Jewish! Oh yes, Patrick Dempsey (a wealthy contractor), Frances McDurmond (Head of the CIA), and Dr. Ken Jeong are in this too? What is this, Hasbro Idol? They just want some of that Hollywood moolah from this second sequel!

For our childhood Transformers, Optimus narrates the opening for the third or final time perhaps? The Cybertronian War waged on Cybertron as an Autobot shuttle craft, 'The Ark,' was on it's way to Earth but crash landed on the Moon. This leads to a historic chain of archived events from the 60's: Pres. John F. Kennedy announcing the space program, Walter Cronkite, NASA, Apollo 11, etc. Awesome. Couldn't they squeeze Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon in there too? The Decepticons'plot is from a three-part episode, "The Ultimate Doom," in the original cartoon series of season one. Megatron (looks crappy for a truck) assembles a space bridge to bring Cybertron to Earth with additional help. We finally see Shockwave, riding his giant pet snake's coattails. To JLo's anaconda, hers lags in comparison as the teetering high rise scene was a bit too long next to Sam fighting Starscream. Wheeljack with... Albert Einstein's head? Really Spielberg! Sentinal Prime (Lenard Nimoy) surprises with betrayal, and a half-ling gremlin called, Brain, who looks brain-dead transformified if you're seeing this in IMAX 3D like I.

Sadly, this is Michael Bay's last Transformers movie. There's more to blame on Steven Spielberg part (and more of what he wanted in all three films!), Tyrese mentioned/recommended Spielberg might take the helm for a fourth Transformers to keep the franchise going (when it has for nearly 30 years). But I'm hoping Don Simpson, JJ Abrahms, Brett Ratner, or even Richard Donner would produce and direct.

X-Men: First Class

After Wolverine, X-Men: First Class should've been First Prototype, set in the 60's. The story centers on how Prof. Xavier and Magneto were friends, how the earliest part of the X-Men was formed to failure, and the screenwriters muckraked with veteran and new characters from the comics for this prequel. On the upside their costumes look comic-book accurate. January Jones didn't mind playing a bad girl. (And smoking hot!) And this movie is nowhere near as good as The Dark Knight! Despite what the non-comic-book fans think.

This has an interesting back story taking a page from Wolverine. Xavier, Erik, Mystique, Beast, Havok (Cyclop's brother), Angel (it's actually Pixie! Warren Worthington IS Angel you lunkhead screenwriters!!), Banshee, and Darwin team up working with the CIA against The Hellfire Club led by a Hugh Hefner Nazi, Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), with Emma Frost, Azrael, and Wilo-the-Wisp? The Hellfire try to provoke the Cuban Missile Crisis for World War III? How absurd! Hank McCoy did most of the work and hardly any acrobatics! It's visually fun watching Banshee flying around sonic screaming, Havok has trouble aiming his shots, Mystique tries to be more Lady Gaga, and a tease of Wolverine.

Performances by McAvoy and Fassbender were very well done setting the stage between the soon-to-be "original" First Class X-Men and The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

The Hangover Part II

Phil, Stu, Allen, and Doug did it again. The Hangover II is hilarious to an extent with spontaneous to gross out moments. Stu tries to get married again after Vegas but in Bangkok, Thailand with the Wolfpack, his brother-in-law, and Chow. The story has them running around Bangkok in search of Stu's teen in-law with a drug pushing monkey and a monk? Hmmmm...

This sequel is best viewed when you're in a hangover (like I). And they could've easily noticed the power outage in that dingy hotel and the elevator stopped on the 15th floor than checking the rooftop.

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Morgan Spurlock pitches a toned down aspect of advertisers commercializing Hollywood that didn't quite top "Super Size Me." Kudos to Ralph Nader on his expert know-it of mass consumption market ads affecting the general public's rights. Albeit "Return of the Killer Tomatoes" with George Clooney (the culprit) of several in satiring product placement sponsoring for movie funds with what we see gets CNN cluttered. Hey Morgan! How about a Crest?

Spurlock's 'Iron Man' doc-buster is a 90 minute commercialized roller-coaster ride. 'Nuff said!

The Green Hornet

Holy spinner rims Batman! Not many comic book superheroes from the Golden Age era of the 1940's had their moment on the big screen after Superman, Batman, The Spirit, and Captain America. But the pulp iconic Green Hornet is now officially the fifth to accompany them. Yet we're still waiting for Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Submariner, Aquaman, Hawkman, Golden Age Flash, and Golden Age Green Lantern.

This action-comedy take on the Green Hornet will draw young and old fans to see Seth Rogen as media mogul Britt Reid/Green Hornet/bromancer paired with Korea's 'Usher' Jay Chou playing Kato succeeding after Bruce Lee and Keye Luke. The critics panned this new version of GH and Kato while aware of the famous old-school radio days that generated three TV serials from the 1940's when Keye Luke worked with three actors who played the Green Hornet in each serial. They only took Seth Rogen's 'Super-Bad' Green Hornet too seriously. Maybe it should have been titled, "Kato and The Green Hornet." Or "The Many Talents of Kato and The Green Hornet Sidekick." Okay, we'll go with you Seth but, we don't want to touch you.

Great car chase moments by Dir. Michel Gondry known for his work on The Fast and the Furious, made our eyes pop out with a retro 60's revitalized 'Black Beauty' with more cool gadgets and weapons than James Bond's Ashton Martin that makes that 'Ben Hur shit' fly! Especially, Cameron Diaz, who seized another money making role. Christoph Waltz is the more effective performer in the cast as meth dealer Chudnofski shifts his twisted mindset to Bludnofski reciting his infamous on radio catch phrase. And James Olmos in a guest supportive role managing "The Sentinel" newspaper.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Before "The Matrix," we had Tron. But after 28 years, Tron Legacy is finally here! Why did it have to take this long to put out a sequel? Is it just a reunion for nostalgia? That's what I and many "Doom" Generation fans were feeling. Was it over-hyped? Somewhat. But the original Tron had good hype next to Star Wars to include the toys and merchandise as with Legacy for the next generation of fans. The story was kind of loose but for paying to see the 3D version mostly has the 3D moments in the trailer previews than the movie feature. That was the disappointment even if you expected those 3D moments when Sam Flynn (Hedlund) entered the Grid, you'd see a lot of the visual effects trailblazing bright neon colored circuitry, wireframes, lightcycles, recognizers, I.D. discs to jetwalls. Especially some memorable lines from the original movie.

Surprisingly, Legacy is earning a rehash of mixed reviews as its predessor where some are still on hook with "Matrix." They're blogging, "Great CG visuals, poor storyline..." Well sorry to read that. Here's what I saw, the creators of Legacy made Tron cool again thanks to the visuals. The story picks up 28 years or from 1989 where Sam had his last father and son moment with Kevin (Jeff Bridges) before he returned to the Grid and not seen or heard from again. Jump forward to the present, Sam is grown-up, has questions and issues concerning his dad's whereabouts with Alan/Tron (Bruce Boxleitner)and ENCOM (Naysayers, understand yet?). The drama in corporations play low key in both films, viewers should notice Ed Dillinger, former Senior Exec., is still with ENCOM after he got canned near the end of Tron and Kevin redeemed himself as CEO. Sam wrestles with who he is, his future, a miracle his father discovered, and ENCOM going global. Hedlund could've done a better job wrestling with his character's dillemma. Olivia Wilde strikes a supermodel posture in Kevin's hideout with cool white lighting with white sofas and chairs in a millionnaire's manor as the last of her kind who gets caught in the middle of it all.

So why else are you naysayers not happy about this sequel? Is it because you wanted to see Tron kick a lot of ass with his I.D. discs and on lightcycle? Tron is the folk hero in his universe. We have already seen much of his videogame battles in the first film, now some new things from him. Still a security program but wielding two ring discs as he was in concept design but his priority is redone by Clu who wants to pick up where the MCP (Master Control Program) left off with his own perfect system on the Grid and abroad.

The ring disc game is still the same but redone over on multilayer platform glass containers when thrown, discs bounce off walls, ceilings, and floors until you hit your opponent like you're playing "Ping Pong Tank" on Atari 2600.. (Nevermind the 2600). Much credit to Michael Sheen playing Zeus from the old system relishing in his lounge night club like Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion with guest appearance of Daft Punk playing as MP3 DJ programs mixing electronica soundtrack.

If Legacy could not indulge you naysayers, go back and rent the orig. Tron to know the story better or a dvd with a blood curdling maniac chainsawing scantily clad pornstars feeding their hacked remains to mutated pirahnas that includes 80's popstar Tiffany. "eXistenZ" would've given you cerebral hemerraging.

The Social Network

No matter how many billions Mark Zuckerberg has made on Facebook, he can have it. But he won't have 500 million friends on his Facebook page since most users on "The Social Network" are connecting with their own friends who applaud him for his smart creativity. And within seven years, Facebook became a pop culture phenomenon.

The movie is well scripted with a fine ensemble cast where the story is told from three different view points; Zuckerberg's (Jesse Eisenberg) preliminary hearing, the Winklevoss Twins (Armie Hammer) side, and co-founder/former CFO Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) with Facebook's origins at Harvard to it's development growth, online popularity, and lawsuits with humor. Eisenberg portrays Zuckerberg as an asshole nerd of "Big Bang Theory" while Garfield's Saverin is insecure growing paranoid fear of being left out of their co-founded partnership in adding Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake), creator of Napster, struts like a money making pimp rebel who is more bad luck with his sued reputation than his music file sharing evolution. Wonderful supporting cast of Rashida Jones, Rooney Mara, Joesph Mazello, and Brenda Song.

Honest and entertaining on real life people the movie is a treat for Facebook users.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps had high expectations with Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen reprising their respected roles; Gordon Gekko and Bud Fox. But Oliver Stone's story was gored down by the 'Bull' market as well as his time line of Gekko's jail time of 8 yrs was inaccurate to our 20 plus years later.

The story was an informative take on what and why the lending companies fizzled but little of how as Shia Lebeuf plays the new stockbroker after Sheen from the first but no tension. Midway through Bud Fox appears in a brief reunion with Gekko updating him on Blue Star. Many new faces appear especially Warren Buffett, MSNBC cable news correspondents, and too many characters like Susan Surandon's were a distraction from the whole point of the story. Numerous mistakes in several scenes where Gekko patching things up with his daughter had each of them out of focus from two camera angles with too many split screens that make CNN proud.

One thing I've learned from Gekko in this lackluster drama sequel is, take the money and run.

The American
The American(2010)

If naysayers assumed The American is an action-thriller like the Jason Bourne Trilogy, they should have READ the story summary or the media reviews first. It's not a spy thriller but a Japanese arch type story.

The American is a smart, articulate, slow paced suspense drama from "A Very Private Gentleman" novel. George Clooney is 'Mr. Butterfly' Jack/Edward, an assassin laying low when his cover is compromised by two Swedish gunmen. His boss, Pavel, instructs him to hide in Abruzzo, Rome but Jack relents and goes to Castel del Monte instead. There, he meets a priest, a motorcyclist, and a mechanic while vacationing as a photographer. He coincides the Priest for advice on salvation from his misdeeds changing his identity. Pavel offers him a client, Matilda, who pays him to build an automatic sniper rifle for her. Jack becomes suspicious of her in view of a Swedish tourist following him and develops a relationship with a local call girl, Clara (Violante Placibo).

The American has the dramatic sense of foreign cinema like "La Femme Nikita" or "The Professional" where there is some action but more drama with beautiful settings in the countryside of Rome building up emotionally attached to the end where the fate of the main character is unknown to leave viewers to discuss whether Jack lives or dies. As for those who didn't enjoy this kind of film, may not be your cup of genre.

The Other Guys

Take in the gritty cop dramas mix it with buddy cop parody and Police Squad/The Naked Gun action mayhem demise of Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson in NYC, you get "The Other Guys" Will Ferell and Mark Wahlberg. Two veteran 'on-the-desk' N.Y. police detectives; (Ferell) a police accountant with a shady college-pimp past, and (Wahlberg) the officer who shot Derek Jeter. LOL!

The opening car chase with Dwayne Johnson and Sam L. Jackson exploded on bank robbers on the run crashes into a double-deck tour bus that resulted over $12 million city damages with Ice-T lending his voice narration off "Law & Order" media hyped heroism side plays "The Other Guys" in the background. The scripted dialogue jokes were the big distraction from the real life corporate scandals at Wallstreet where anything crazy can happen in NYC. I saw one audience member laugh so much, he fell out of his chair laughing even more so on the floor. Johnson and Jackson's characters took a bad gamble on a 'smash and grab' jewelry theft paved way for "The Other Guys." If peacocks could fly, Wahlberg could've flown gracefully if he wasn't so hot tempered like The Hulk he could've hit some of the jokes at the right moment. Ferrell was just so funny being funny off his SNL skits with Sarah Michelle Gellar, irritatingly paired with Wahlberg investigating a corporate scandal, and married to a hot wife, Sarah (Eva Mendes), where she hurls her sexiness in comedy at the right moments. Michael Keaton is their police captain working a second job managing Bed, Bath, & Beyond cliched on TLC but falls a little short on goofy facial expressions that served his jokes no justice.

The movie provides a funny but true insight on what calculated on the recent corporate scandals to today in lieu of CEO's, city, and state officials are making and in retirement pensions. A fictional private company is secretly in debt as any real ones would be as the corporate villains with Ray Stevenson, a Special Forces enforcer kept tabs on his boss' I.O.U's from theft and embezzlement funds. And the end credits served as a FYI on how much the corporate upper tiers have been getting compared to average American workers.


I know my review is late but here goes... Director Chris Nolan finally released Inception, one of his personal projects as an admirer of architectural design, cityscape, and the eclectic illustrations of M.C. Escher. Very well crafted, smart, but I wouldn't say "most creative" film. Look how "The Matrix" turned out. Brilliantly done? Yes. A great script and thorough story? Yes. A cast of really good actors; Leo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page, and supporting cast? Yes. But the dialogue was a dragged out drabble fest.

Inception is about entering the mind of another's dreamworld that is metaphorically an elevator ride where DiCaprio and Watanabe organize an "Ocean's 11/Mission Impossible" team together to infiltrate a global corporate CEO's mind to change what he decides before his father dies. Ellen's character is hired as their architect to build environment settings mazed in a person's mindset. Yet DiCaprio grows more obsessed with his own dreamworld in his personal grief with his wife and children. Putting that aside, meeting their target on the plane was easy, but going under quickly, reminiscent of "Nightmare On Elm Street." Leading them to unexpected mind defense gun battles where Nolan takes viewers further down three more levels of dreams within dreams. A few team members disembark at each level to signal the rest of the team to wake up at a certain time when the mission is accomplished. Yet more unexpected moments occur, slow motion tidal waves of water splashing against windows, an entire hotel spinning upside down in the middle of a fight scene, with some humorous moments in defied gravity, and the longest slow-mo scene of a van dropping from a bridge. But you don't see how they are doing on the airplane until near the end. Strange isn't it?

Although, Mr. Nolan crafted this together to really challenge us at the end whether DiCaprio chose to remain in his own dream or was it all just a dream. Not really a mind bender like "The Matrix," but "eXistenZ" is the mind bender of us all.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

After viewing a very anticipated, mostly hyped on the internet, TV ads, and other media venues for a sequel. Iron Man 2 has more Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) with more of a super heroes convention than villains with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), War Machine (Don Cheadle), and Black Widow (Scarlett Johanssen) over 'Whiplash' Ivan Venko (Mickey Rourke) but less Iron Man.

For anyone who is familiar with the Iron Man comics like myself, you'd have to be around during the 70's and 80's. Let's recap, Iron Man is a reflection of the Cold War Era where defense contractors like Tony Stark builds weapons for the U.S. Military while maintaining his armored identity as Iron Man in spite of the military and other defense agencies wanted a copy of his Iron Man technology. To this day, some of Stark's former employees are giving away his armor tech to Third Parties and rival companies. Reminds you of PC companies copying Steve Job's iPhone. With S.H.I.E.L.D. lending support, Tony's personal demons pile up as his portable arc becomes his health hazard, his alcoholic drinking goes up, searching his late father's support, and hiding all this from Pepper Potts the screenwriters inserted the 'Armor Wars' storyline was good but making Tony's identity as Iron Man public at tech conventions to eating at Randy's Donuts? Typical of Hollywood to screw up super heroes. They made such a mess with this one! Now you know why the comics make more sense.

Not much detailed drama on Whiplash. They speed dial through Whiplash's background as a former Russian scientist, Ivan Venko, who defected from Russia, perceives Tony Stark/Iron Man as a demigod, creates his own armored tech with arc powered cable whips, and attacks Stark at the Montague Race track. Jim Rhodes steals one of Tony's prototype suits and modifies it into War Machine. Nick Fury gets more screen time while hat's off to Scarlett Jo for bringing Black Widow to life! While applying flying head scissors take downs, crime fighting gear, and... uh, more flying head scissors take downs! Too bad they couldn't include Madame Masque for her to fight head on. And once again, this movie includes a big explosion near the end of an armored suit battle only with War Machine and Whiplash in a modified Iron Monger suit. We might even another big explosion in Iron Man 3 (if there is a third one).

Cranked up with the hard rock sounds of AC/DC, Iron Man 2 was pretty good but, not quite as enjoyable as the original.


A rioting good fun comic-book flick. Kick-Ass is what it is in its own reality mirroring ours. In contrast to the comic-book, by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., somewhat tamer with an alternate story to some of the characters by Matthew Vaughn and produced by Brad Pitt but, you don't have to be a huge comic-book fan if you're into "Love & Rockets," or "The Simpsons" to see this film.

Going in I expected the movie to be kind of different from reading the comic-book (being more blood splatter violent and gory like Sin City or a Japanese Yakuza flick) but toned down from the shock panels. Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) a normal teen continues to inspire as a real life superhero in New York City while "Ghost Rider" (Nicholas Cage) plays Damon Macready/Big Daddy, an angry cop ruined by the mafia raising his 11 year old daughter, Mindy Macready (Chloe Moretz), as Hit-Girl killing off a New York mafia gang. (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) plays the son of a mobster as The Red Mist while Dave gets Katie (Lyndsy Fonseca), his alter ego is exposed to his friends becoming a phenom on the internet and media.

A good portion of the characters' comic-book dialogue is in the movie leaving out Dave's torture scene, Big Daddy's execution, and Hit-Girl cooking mobsters with a flame thrower ignited by "For my dad and your balls... " line. And in a humorous twist Hit-Girl kills off most of the bad guys for a sidekick giving Kick-Ass additional firepower and a jet pack leaving the ending open for a possible sequel.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson are reinvented as "Wild, Wild West" action heroes where Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and Watson (Jude Law) stop a supposed warlock, Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong), from bringing hell on Earth with Rachel McAdams as his accomplice with Professor Moriarty lurking around. And with all the extras walking around, you might spot Jack the Ripper and the Elephant Man.

Guy Ritchie's version of the vintage duo has Holmes as detective, profiler, conceded perfectionist, exp... **COUGH! COUGH!!**.. martial artist, neurotic, and slob. Watson is the whimsical gentleman, physician, coroner, gun wielding wise cracker. Law could have done a superb job playing Holmes as well. Then again, why couldn't Ritchie cast another English actor to play the world's greatest detective? But on the downside, Rachel McAdams was miscast for her role with little or no English accent that comes and goes, didn't relate well in the gritty surroundings of Victorian Era London or the story, and may have been in it for a paycheck. Hollywood made a similar mistake with Kevin Costner playing Robin Hood with a southern red-neck style English accent.

The movie has an on and off, slow-mo, and pause pace with Holmes deductive reasoning to conclusions to Blackwood's return from the grave, gives this a mixed feel review without the mystery and suspense, impressive action scenes, and a big explosion knocking Holmes and Watson around for another round in a brawl fest at the shipyard docks for beer money to saving Parliment.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

A smart, funny, and fantastic Mr. Fox for all ages young and old (those who grew up on old school animation). For those Adult Swim and Robot Chicken fans, this is right up their alley as well. Stop motion has been a lost art over the last two decades while small/indie studios with filmmakers like Seth Rogen and others have been reviving it on cable TV and animation festivals.

Wes Anderson gives Mr. Fox an imaginary kind of storytelling to an audience after the novel in a reality where puppeteers could perform their acts of the muppets to clay animators moving Gumby and Pokey around in another road adventure. George Clooney, Meryl Streep, and the rest of cast did a wonderful job in voice and character.

Whether this movie should have been in CGI or not, stop motion brings a sublime appeal to the perception of an audience that makes the characters tangible. Hopefully, this might bring more stop motion films in theaters in the near future.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is just what it is since "The Blair Witch Project." Only not in the woods, but in Peli's house with some activity in a simulated haunting video. Would you see something like this on YouTube or Ghost Hunters? Yes. Or should I tell you about my haunted house experience to really scare you.

A micro-budget sleeper hyped on the internet with "The Fourth Kind," another reality-based thriller due out soon, are likely to build up a new genre for small time filmmakers like Peli, who worked for the video game industry, begins his directing career with this and another movie in the works. The story is video documented. A happy engaged couple, Katie and Micah, moved into Peli's house and find more than just strange activity happening late at night. Katie reveals something demonic has followed her since childhood while Micah tries figure out what it is, bungles his attempts and their best option for a demonologist.

Whatever you've seen in this video may look frighteningly real to you or you didn't believe anything paranormal exists in our reality until now.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

What can I say about G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra? "Good trash," (the critics described), which IS that belongs in the trash. I haven't seen 'good trash' like this since Masters of the Universe with Dolph Lundgren as He-man and Street Fighter with Claude Van Damme as Guile. But this piece of trash is remeniscent of Street Fighter casting an array of actors; Channing Tatum (Duke), Dennis Quaid (Gen. Hawk), Sienna Miller (Baroness), Ray Park (Snake Eyes), Brendan Fraser, and others for a two hour commercialization of a 25 year old Hasbro toy.

Yes, Hollywood is becoming more of a pop up ad industry making movies from toys and gaming products. And it's sad. For G.I. Joe's 25th anniversary, it gets a poor script, actors not understanding why they were hired for this, with a 2nd grade cocktail CGI package included with the 'kung-fu grip,' and that old cliched line from the Joes' PSA's that Dennis had to say.

Sienna Miller couldn't bare breasts to see the premiere when a few Joes, Karolina Kourkova (Covergirl), are killed off with Rachel Nichols' (Scarlett) 'e-crossbow' has infrared with annoying sound effects gets intellectually smoochy with Marlon Wayons (Ripcord). Jonathan Pryce plays the U.S. Pres. with an English accent? Really! Even the producers made crucial errors casting the wrong actors for some of the characters like Said Taghmaoui (Breaker, who's supposed to be a blonde white guy, not brown Moroccan), who should have been Stalker. But the cool moments are when Snake Eyes battles Storm Shadow inserting their flashback origins.

For G.I. Joe's cartoonish stunts, over-the-top action sequences, and bad acting, pre-ordering on blu-ray and dvd isn't a great idea much less renting this 'good trash' when Hasbro would do better with a live-action adaption of Jem for a female audience. And knowing is half the battle.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

Ice Age brought fun and laughter to audience members young and old bonding humans and animals relating to one another in human nature. Filled with wit and gags of the Looney Tunes characters. But the two sequels are cartoonish to "The Land Before Time" flicks where our oddball herd grows up in contrast to the dinosaur kids that doesn't.

Manny and Ellie are going to have a baby, Diego struggles to regain his killer instincts, Sid learns about parenthood and adopts three T-rex babies from their biological mom, the possums are like the Jonas Brothers reaching puberty, and Scrat loves his acorns more than a flying squirrel does. But the main story line breaks in two as the herd ventures to rescue Sid in a fantasy world of Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in theory of how some dinosaurs took refuge in underground caverns near volcanoes during the climate change when they were extinct.

The animation is just as creative in detail and playfully funny with Scrat floating in a tar bubble. Instead, the writing in jokes, gags, and character depth has wind down after the previous two films with little of anything left for a third sequel. The herd would have to break up and join their own spieces.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

After watching the preview screening of Michael Bay/Steven Spielberg's second B flick of the Transformers, I wanted to laugh and vomit at the same time. Is that possible?

When Megatron killed Prime again. Wheelie (humping Megan Fox) is a remote controlled truck you can buy at Radio Shack. Ironhide looks more dog face gremlin. Starscream's dialogue is subtitled in English. The Constructicons merging together as Devastator the hard way with wrecking ball testicles. Shia LaBeouf has a lot of xeno characters in his head. Bumblebee can't regain his own voice without fiddling his car radio but he does pull out Ravage's spine. A back story of the Transformers' ancestors of 'Primes' as the first on Earth explained by Jetfire. The Autobot 'Matrix of Leadership' as a power source for energon. Soundwave is a now triple-changer satellite. And Linkin Park's "Divide" song is stuck in my head! Any more times I hear it, it'll be a permanent resident. But "What I've Done" still kicks ass.

Spielberg applied his cliche scenarios from "Gremlins" and "Short Circuit" into this sequel with Decepticon nanobots forming a paper thin robot stealing a piece of the All Spark Cube to kitchen appliances turning into gremlin-like robots. Plus the Autobot twins sporting dorky heads. And the search for 'The Matrix' is an 'Indiana' Jones plot line. Will he ever do something original after "Schindler's List?"

For anyone planning to see Rise of the Fallen again, I recommend IMAX. Great job on CGI effects with good action scenes but Transformers: Generation One still rules in my book.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

[font=Comic Sans MS][img][/img] [font=Courier New]To boldy go where Star Trek began with a superb young cast playing the iconic characters in our pop culture of Trek, directed by J.J. Abrams (Cloverfield) with Lenard Nimoy reprising Mr. Spock jumps back in time after a vengeful Romulan, Nero (Eric Bana), goes to destroy the Starfleet Federation and ally planets.

A portion of Trekkies already scrutinized the new Trek film being redone in a whole new way in how we have seen and familiarized everything in Star Trek from the ships, characters, uniforms, and technology. The origin of the original Trek crew is finally revealed on how Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Sulu (John Cho), McCoy (Karl Urban), Scotty (Simon Pegg), and Chekov (Anton Yelchin) banded together in their first combat mission against Nero who eventually alters part of their reality. But the dialogue gradually grows into what the Trekkies are familiar with from the TV series and movies. Especially the uniforms redesigned from the series in yellow, red, and blue V-neck shirts. And yes, Saldana does wear a red mini-skirt dress like Nicol Nichelle did. The Constitution Class Enterprise gets a new sleek look with the warp engines looking more like engines on an airliner with warp drive propulsion.

The script was very well written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman making Star Trek cool again with models and CGI effects. They added many Star Trek elements from time traveling, Kirk cheating Spock's Kobiyashi Myrou Test, memorable lines, Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) as captain/mentor to Kirk and the Enterprise to the cadets joking about Captain Archer. The movie is a fast pace roller-coaster ride compared to the methodical pace of the series and prior films. This movie will relaunch the franchise again and hopefully new Star Trek fans will come aboard.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

[img][/img] [font=Courier New]To start things off X-Men Origins movies (if there is going to be any on the other characters from the X-Men comics), tell Stan Lee to send a mutant laundry list to Hollywood when Hugh Jackman's berserker rage clawed into low expectations! Yet in every X-Men movie, they always began with the same early childhood format with Magneto, Rogue, Angel, and Jean Grey[/font].
[font=Courier New]
Wolverine is based on the mythology origins of "Wolverine: Origins" and "Weapon X." Unfortunately the movie was 10 blocks away from 90% accurate to what I was expecting. There wasn't much for dialogue as well as Jackman's lackluster performance. As an old school comic-book fan, I'm insulted. Especially the screenwriter's writing prose mirroring George Lucas's Star Wars prequels. Ever since Stan Lee left Marvel Comics, the current writers, artists, and people in charge like; Jose Quesada and Ari Avad decided to do whatever they want to Stan's characters and changed everything. They declassified Stan's origins file on Wolverine's biography, portray the U.S. Government as the bad guys after "Civil War," and throws in Wolverine's illegitemit son? What the frak gives?! All the CGI effects and flying on wire is what you will get in a videogame style movie.

Weeks before the movie's release were an annoyance of overhyped commercialized overkill on radio and TV ads from from 7 Eleven to Papa John's Pizza. Can have mine with adamantium olives please? Now Hollywood screenwriters are messing with the basics of the X-Men characters when most of them never read the comics. I wouldn't be surprised on what they will do to the other Marvel characters.



[font=Comic Sans MS][img][/img][font=Courier New] Alan Moore's Watchmen is not everything moviegoers expected to see but everything they were not expecting to see. But the movie had more of everything the hardcore graphic novel fanboys were expecting to see in this latest superhero genre installment directed by Zack Snyder.

The Watchmen comprised of two generations of Nite Owl and Silk Spectre. A blue demi-godlike superman Dr. Manhattan, the gruffiest detective Rorcshaoch, the smartest pacifistic man Osimandas, and the catalyst[/font][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][font=Courier New], The Comedian,[/font][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][font=Courier New] who was murdered, forces the surviving members out of retirement to find out who murdered him. But every murder mystery has its plot moments and subplots. The plot and subplots concern the other members' origins and connections with The Comedian while in their alternate gritty reality, it is the Cold War era of 1985, [/font][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][font=Courier New]Richard Nixon is still president, and [/font][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][font=Courier New]the Doomsday Clock inches closer to a nuclear halocaust between the U.S. and Russia.

There is a good dose of action, some dramatic and humorous moments with CGI effects all around Dr. Manhattan (mostly nude), but adult contents of graphic violence, language, and soft porn sex in this film is inappropriate for children to see. For those who grew up reading Watchmen back in '85, this movie is worth seeing again.



:) [font=Courier New] Take some of the intense action from "La Femme Nikita," suspense from "The Professional," and some torture interrogation of "24," you have "Taken." An action suspense-thriller about a retired CIA operative (Liam Neeson) who goes to the ends of Europe to rescue his daughter who gets kidnapped by sex slave traders and only has 96 hours before she is gone.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]The first 20 minutes are the normal every day broken family drama for Liam's character who's retired from the CIA and tries to reaquaint himself with his daughter while his ex-wife (Famke Janssen), the easiest role she's played, with her new hubby, an oil exec, gives their daughter everything to appease her on her 17th birthday. The family drama leads to their daughter going to France with her cousin but the girls take advantage of their vacation plans as family relations get strained.[/font]

[font=Courier New]The next portion of the movie is a dramatization of how naive teenage girls can be careless and mindless in a foreign country as Luc Besson reveals what the actual sex slave traders would do targeting young female tourists in Europe in lieu of Natalie Holloway's disappearance. And that's where Liam jumps into the fray with his experience and acts of desperation to find his daughter. Yet parts of the story has potholes with other characters which doesn't make this action film genuine as Luc Besson's previous work. But the movie does contain some unexpected moments leaving out the original torture scene from the trailer. [/font]

Slumdog Millionaire

[font=Courier New][img][/img] Our man Danny Boyle does it again with Slumdog Millionaire after critical acclaim for Trainspotting. Slumdog is a vivid and entertaining film of a local Indian boy, Jamal (Dev Patel), who's a contestant on India's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" gets interrogated by Indian police as he recalls how he knows the answers to the questions based on his life. The story reveals India's social issues on poverty, crime and prostitution as it flashbacks to his childhood with his brother Salim (Madhur Mittal and Latika (Freida Pinto) as 'The Three Musketeers' after the death of Jamal and Salim's mother from the Hindu-Muslim Riots left them homeless in Mumbai.

At each Q and A interval, the story continues during Jamal, Salim and Latika's impoverished upbringing with a callous showbiz/sex-trading pimp getting homeless children to work in junkyard landfills and training them to be performers. Jamal grows fond of Latika as they grow up, their relationship blossoms to romance in their teens while Salim becomes a gangster for an Indian mobster and separates them. Then as a young man, Jamal tries to locate Latika while working for the 'Millionaire' show's contestant audition agency, he reunites with Salim to reaquaint with Latika as he advances to the final question for 20 million Rupees.

Due to the harsh reality of India's impoverished slums, Slumdog Millionaire is a fascinating modern-day spin from "The Arabian Knights" and "Prince and the Pauper" that will leave you wondering what your final answer is to the Question; How did Jamal know the answers to the questions?

The Day the Earth Stood Still

[font=Courier New]:confused: I enjoy watching Keanu Reeves doing sci-fi flicks that have some things to say about current events. It wasn't just "The Matrix," not "Constantine" and not "Johnny Neumonic." It was "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" that said it all! But now he's playing Klaatu who doesn't say much except intellectual philosophy small talk with John Cleese and Jennifer Connelly in a CGI visual remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.[/font]

[font=Courier New]The CGI effects were 2nd rate eye candy distraction from the story where it met part way to where Keanu and Jen were getting at supposedly the wars in Iraq and Afganistan and other issues. And Jaden Smith did a nice job playing a kid who didn't know how to deal with the loss of his father but he was soooooo annoying! You just want to drop him off at The Fresh Prince's house and drive on. I hope he doesn't turn out like that kid from the Sixth Sense. The other part of the story focused on how ignorant our U.S. government and military is when they tried to play "Space Invaders" with a twenty foot tall CGI Gort. When their shields were used up, they got a massive swarm of nanobot locusts eating up everything in site.[/font]

[font=Courier New]After a dismal remake of "War of the Worlds," Hollywood might consider redoing "When Worlds Collide" then "Earth versus The Flying Sausers."[/font]

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

[font=Courier New]:) I have always liked how Kevin Smith makes his comedies to parody pop culture for over 30 years of my generation. This and his previous films have nothing to do with the Youtube and Facebook kids. Zack and Miri Make a Porno is about why some people, who are less fortunate than others, go to certain lengths and make choices to pay off their I.O.U's with a dose of romantic comedy. Especially reflecting on the porn industry, throw in a few pornstars and strippers, our current use of the internet and why Paris Hilton is stupid and X-rated enough to make pornos leaked on the internet. That's what Zack and Miri Make a Porno is about. It is a romantic comedy porno of making a porno.[/font]

[font=Courier New]Zack (Seth Grogen) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks) are high school alumnies/roomates sharing an apartment fall behind paying their utility bills when their water and electricity are shutdown. They retreat from their financial woes to attend their high school reunion. Zack meets "Mac" (Justin Long), a gay pornstar, while "Superma..." *COUGH!! COUGH!!!* (Brandon Routh) tells Miri he's gay. *COUGH!! COUGH!! COUGH!!!* Ahem... And Miri's granny panties leaked on the internet gives Zack and her the idea to make a porno to pay their bills.[/font]

[font=Courier New]Zack and Miri are based on real people in our society who made a choice like this to pay off their expenses on a temporary basis until they reorganized their priorities. Traci Lords' decision was different for doing porn. She wanted to be famous so she reactivates her retro pornstar image that made her infamous from the 80's as Bubbles with some naughty tricks and everything she knows from her pornstar days. Kevin was smart to cast her than hiring Jenna Jameson. And she never looked better at 40![/font]

[font=Courier New]Kevin's concept for Zack and Miri is raunchy good with some LOL moments that embarrasses you until you're squeamish red faced. On digital cams, Seth and Liz make such a mock parody of real amateurs acting and trying to get into performing sex is almost embarrassing to watch when you're laughing. But there are a few inconsistant moments where the jokes are supposed to be really funny if this recaps what worked for "Clerks," and "Jay and Silent Bob: Strike Back." And to be honest, this movie isn't meant for todays kids to watch. [/font]

Saw V
Saw V(2008)

[font=Courier New][size=3]:rotten: [size=2]Saw V is the fifth (hopefully) the last installment from the first critically acclaimed indie horror film that started this new horror franchise series after "Friday the 13th" and "Elm Street." Yet going back to just seeing the first two Saw films, I and others had a hunch Jigsaw might have had a few accomplices to pull off the kidnappings, installing his death traps and tape recordings. And after watching V, we were right![/size][/size][/font]
[font=Courier New][size=3][/size][/font]
[font=Courier New][size=3][size=2]Only this time the traps were not elaborate but very easy to escape with five victims (who were smart to an extent) had to work and survive together (which they did not), to the final trap equipped with a table saw built for all five of them while Jigsaw asks for a blood donation in exchange for their release or otherwise. Hoffman (Costas Mandaylor) returns from Saw IV with a recap of the previous film's final moments with FBI Agent Straum and the SWAT Team member (who was kidnapped in Saw IV). Hoffman aids Jigsaw (died in IV) in the same fashion as Amanda from Saw II and III, continues Jigsaw's deadly plans while trying to prevent Agent Straum from finding out.[/size][/size][/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Although Saw V's slogan, "You Won't Believe How This One Ends!" is nothing compared to Jaws 2's infamous, "Just when you thought it safe to go back into the water..." I did believe how this piece ended (saturated after the first three films), left me bored and nausiated. Especially wondering if Hoffman is going to secretly revive Jigsaw at Crystal Lake or in Freddy Krueger's boiler room for Saw X. [/font]
[font=Courier New][size=3][/size][/font]
[font=Courier New][size=3] [/size][/font]

The Dark Knight

:fresh: The Dark Knight sequel exceeded my expectations with Christian Bale (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Maggie Gyllennhal (Rachel Dawes) should've been cast in "Begins", Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent/Two-Face), Gary Oldman (Lt. Gordon), Michael Caine (Alfred) and Heath Ledger, who every film critic, Bat fan and moviegoer is talking about playing The Joker.

When Dark Knight came to light, sometime before in theaters, Heath Ledger was the surprise element as Batman's arch nemesis. We were surprised, dumbfounded and wondering, 'how is he going to approach this?' After all, Ledger became a bonafide actor after "Brokeback Mountain" as a gay cowboy. Now it's The Joker. A fictional comic-book character from the Batman comics who is a dark, twisted, intelligent, insidious, psychotic with the same flavor of theatricks as Batman. He's the Clown Prince of Crime, he knows how the Bat thinks in dark contrast to Sherlock Holmes' Prof. Moriarty, the Prince of Crime. Ledger knew Joker is just another character to play and he wanted to show his co-workers and audiences, this is how you play a character making him convincingly believeable like a terrorizing reflection of Charles Manson and Scarface's ego with ear to ear "Ichi the Killer" facial scar smile covered in a freakish style of clown makeup. Ledger was very creative having fun playing Joker. He was loose as a goose. Even in a nurse's uniform. And mastering that meniacal laugh after the late great Cesar Romero.

The story plays out in Chicag... *cough! cough!!* ahem, Gotham City as mobsters continue their crime sprees, The Joker shows up out of nowhere committing his own robberies with a school bus while Batman was rounding up the remaining asylum inmates including Scarecrow accompanied by Batman wannabees? How interesting. Followed by Harvey Dent's war against crime campaign aspiring to be as vigilant as Batman and in a relationship with Rachel Dawes. The story picks up when Joker turns to the Gotham mobsters to retaliate against the city officials and Batman where the Joker himself has a plan and a goal agenda as reality based tensions build up around the city. Multiple death threats go out instantaneously like a computer worm virus targeting Commissioner Lowe, Dent, Dawes, Gordon, the District Judge and the police. Joker has more tricks up his sleeves pushing Batman past his limits pressing him to cross the line between hero and vigilante.

This comic-book film is top notch as it is. A second sequel might not be as perfect as this but it remains to be seen in a few years from now. As for Ledger, this is one of his final moments on film before his tragic demise which is hyped up an Academy Award nod. But Dark Knight has already secured him a victory for an MTV's Movie Award for Best Villian after Mike Myers' success as Dr. Evil. Why? Because they're evil.

The Incredible Hulk

[font=Courier New][color=yellowgreen]:cool: "HULK IS CGI HULK AGAIN!!!" The Hulk returns as a five year remake of what is based on or made the "The Incredible Hulk" TV Series successful with an ode to Bill Bixby with Lou Ferrigno playing two parts; a security guard boasting the bragging rights, "I'm the original." And he's the voice of the Hulk, that's a perfect fit. (Look it up in the end credits and backtrack to the animated series.) This version of the Hulk has Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) secluding in Brazil while coordinating to find a cure with Mr. Blue (aka Dr. Samuel Stearn aka The Leader) over the internet. But spending 'Days Without Incident' in South America become difficult for Banner as Gen. Ross (William Hurt) hires a Russian soldier Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) to hunt him down. And that's when the action picks up.[/color][/font]
[font=Courier New][color=#9acd32][/color][/font]
[font=Courier New][color=#9acd32]The opening credits recaps scenes from the TV series pilot where Norton reenacts Bill Bixby experimenting with gamma rays on the same gamma radiation recliner as Banner's tormented mindset has horrifying visions of Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) fearful of what damage the Hulk could do. Pretty logical for the screenwriter and Norton to include in the movie. The movie conveys on the myths of King Kong, Jekyll and Hyde and Frankenstein where Blonsky becomes obsessed in fighting the Hulk while Banner struggles to be cured but considers controlling it. Yet Marvel Studios stuck to their guns to give comic-book fans what they wanted to see the Hulk fighting a formidable opponent.[/color][/font]
[font=Courier New][color=#9acd32][/color][/font]
[font=Courier New][color=#9acd32]The Abomination is stronger than the Hulk but this version is very different from the Hulk comics looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon on steroids with puffy Angelina Jolie lips. The big fight takes place in NYC where the two CGI titanic monsters battle it out as the remaining portion of the story goes South. It's difficult enough for the actors to watch and react to these CGI monsters when Roth and Norton are wearing skin tight suits to portray the monsters. [/color][/font]

[font=Courier New][color=#9acd32][/color][/font]
[font=Courier New][color=#9acd32][/color][/font]

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

:) [font=Courier New] Harrison Ford returns for a fourth installment as Indiana Jones in "Kindom of the Crystal Skull" with a surprise beginning in the Nevada desert of 1957 where an army convoy full of Russians heading towards Area 51. Indy is forcefully brought in to a "familiar wherehouse" to help the Russians find a particular artifact.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]As always Indy manages to elude his enemies as he did with the Nazis, East Indians, competitors and grave robbers. But Spielberg brings Indy full circle with his previous films, intersecting "The Chronicles of Indiana Jones" and into his imaginary world of "Amazing Stories" laced with CGI effects witnessing a nuclear explosion to a U.F.O. taking off. Yet this time there is little or no booby traps available due to Indy's experience at age 66, teaming with a greaser/mechanic named Mutt (Shia LeDuf from "Transformers"), Prof. Ox (John Hurt) who slowly regains his sanity, Mac Cooke (who's sense of loyalty is twisted in his own agenda finding the City of Gold and its treasures) and Ms. Ravenwood (Karen Allen) returns mixed up in their delimma informs Indy, Mutt is his biological son and continue their arguements after "Raiders of the Lost Ark." (Please refer back to the first paragraph.) Unfortunately, Solomon (John-Rys Davis) was not included in this one.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Due to the early years of the Cold War era, the atomic bomb was the in thing for nuclear families while the kids hung out at The Atomic Cafe. Is that joint still in business? But two years after the Roswell incident, Spielberg's version plays on those silly myths and theories on how the Egyptian and Miyan pyramids were built connecting to the mysteries of the crystal skull. (Five of the actual skulls have not been found yet.)[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Although watching Indy back in action after 19 years is still fun when putting on his fedora, cracking his whip and his proverbial phobia of snakes makes an audience glad nothing has changed in him. The movie itself did not turn out to be what I had expected as it could have been with the previous films for action aficiendo sorts. [/font]

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

:fresh: [font=Courier New]Marvel Comics has done it again! After the success of "X-Men" and "Spider-Man 2," along comes Marvel's reluctant superhero "Iron Man." Based on "Tales Of Suspense" and "The Invincible Iron Man" comic-books from then and today, Robert Downey Jr portrays Tony Stark, a playboy billionaire industrialist next to Bruce Wayne, manages his late father's high-tech weapons design company called Stark Industries with Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges).[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]The beginning of the movie comes with a surprise on how the origins of Iron Man began. After a weapons demonstration with Stark's friend, Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes, and military personnel in Afganistan, Stark is kidnapped by Afgan terrorists demanding him to build a Jericho missile while his heart is sustained from bomb shrapnel with a portable arc reactor. Stark realized the weapons he developed were purchased by terrorists from his knowing and builds a clunky suit of armor to make his escape.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Downey Jr. got a good handle on Tony's humanistic qualities accurately from the comic-book as a 45-year old billionaire who has his assistant Pepper Potts (Gwynth Paltrow) and fellow employees at his disposal with a drinking problem which Paris Hilton may have met her match! Tony returns to the mainland, announces changes in Stark Industries' arms race and builds a red and gold armored suit in his garage. His good friend, Rhodey, stands out as Stark's PR before the media and later finds out Tony's well kept secret after Ms. Potts and Obadiah have.[/font]

[font=Courier New]Comic-book fans like myself eagerly awaited the moment Stark completed his new suit, relying on robotic arms to suit him up, runs a test flight adding humor to his all-familiar crash landings from the comic-book. He eventually destroys the terrorists' weapons depot while Obadiah learns more about Tony's original armor to build his own Iron Monger. Unlike the comic-book story with Stane, their live-action climatic battle was incredibly heavy hitting compared to Stane's inexperience flying in Iron Monger led to his downfall and uneventful suicide.[/font]

[font=Courier New]Iron Man is a character stemming from issues and topics from the Cold War era to a new Cold War of high-tech armored weaponry. Hopefully if there is a sequel, Jon Favreau will include more of Iron Man's rogue villians like; Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man, The Living Laser, The Unicorn, Madame Masque and Mandarin.[/font]

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

:fresh: [font=Courier New] Harold and Kumar return from "White Castle" to "Escape from Guantanamo Bay." Before I get to that part, the dynamic stoners (John Cho and Kal Penn) prepare to take a trip to Amsterdam where Harold tries to reunite with Maria (Paula Marces).[/font]

[font=Courier New]The movie is set in our post 9/11 days where TSA screeners resort to racial porfiling, security wiretapping, racial sterotyping, racist Homeland Sec. officials (Rob Corddry and Ed Helms) violating the Bill of Rights using their authoritarian antics, the Patriot Act, Kumar shows off his new cordless battery-powered bong, issues of legalizing marijuana with President Bush smoking a joint and hyper-panicky air travelers on a plane.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Oh did I forget the raunchy, racy, toilet jokes laced with sex organ nudity and Neil Patrick Harris' twisted sex craving perversed appetite with hookers? This wouldn't be a gross out comedy without these ingredients if our two Asian American leading actors weren't running from the joint to escape from Guantanamo Bay and making it back to Miami where they head to central Texas to try to clear their names.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]But the story gets hoaky when Kumar's ex-girlfriend's fiance double-cross them and it gets hoakier after their second escape attempt from Agent Ron Fox crash landing into President Bush's ranch. Yet somehow fate is kind to H&K in a goofball way with George W. high on what he was smoking, pardons them of false incriminating and they return to Central Texas to deliver some blowback to regain their dignity and respect with Kumar's ex-girlfriend.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Most of the joke scenes hit the LOL target while a few didn't. This is definitely a good escape type of film that brings up a number of current issues that's safe to discuss and worth seeing again in lieu of our real world condtions.[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]


[font=Courier New]Doomsday is another doom and gloom kind of virus outbreak movie set in Scotland where people are infected and slowly die of the Reaper Virus. The British government and military quarantine that part of England, the people revolt and walled in a containment bsrrier for almost 30 years. A mother desperate to bring her baby daughter to safety, gives her away to a group of soldiers evacuating and that's the last she sees of her.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]In 2035 England and the rest of the world is safe from the Reaper virus with the barrier wall still in place. Security and politicians played by Bob Hoskins and Alexander Siddig discover survivors from the outbreak are still alive and send in Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra) and her recovery team to find Dr. Cane (Malcolm McDowell) and a cure. After they re-enter the hot zone, the insane action begins.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Doomsday's trailer wasn't impressionable to get a great deal of moviegoers in to see it but seeing it beat my expectations. The story may not be original but it's a mixture of 28 Days Later meets The Road Warrior meets Braveheart. The survivors are extremely angry at the Brit government as they lowered their standard ways of life to tattoo, body-pierced, spiked mohawk, leather-clad wearing street punks led by their psycho-mad leader Saul.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Some of the dialogue has a few cheapish one-liners you'd expect to hear in action films but this piece makes you care about the characters. Eden meets Dr. Cane as he explains why he is established in a Scottish castle in the ouskirts of Scotland due to the outbreak and the government's non-response. The Brit security and politicians use fear mongering and assumptions of the inevitable if they allowed the virus to seap into the uninfected side of England. And Eden's only clue to finding her mom's whereabouts is her home address. Tremendous action with fight scenes to head-on car smashing collisions ah la Mad Max and The Road Warrior done very well without CGI effects. This action thriller is worth watching! [/font]

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

:o [font=Courier New]Book of Secrets should have been titled, "Book of B.S." with this cartoonish fiction on John Wilkes Booth as a KGC seeking a hidden treasure for the Confederates after the Civil War had ended making the fictional Pane family involved with Abraham Lincoln's assassination. But we already know what happened that tragic day in our U.S. history, so we'll leave it at that.[/font]

[font=Courier New]I would've given this a 6 star rating but, Nicholas Cage (Pane) returns sporting a bit of a double-chin with more hair receded after the previous film. Remember how Sean Connery looked in "Never Say Never?" Same ordeal. Embarrassing isn't it? As I write candidly of this embarrassment. It's the same routine with his co-stars solving riddles and clues to Aztec treasures hidden in Mount Rushmore. But different with Helen Mirren surprising me in this action-adventure at her age doing some of her own stunts that left me kind of worried of her getting hurt.[/font]

[font=Courier New]Due to the success of "National Treasures" and "Tomb Raider" inventing this over-the-top treasure hunting genre have relished in embarrassing mind dumbness in comparison to the serious historical fact-finding archeological exploits of Indiana Jones.[/font]

[font=Courier New]Don't worry about spending your money on "Book of Secrets." You can look it up in the National Archives.[/font]

30 Days of Night

[font=Courier New]:rotten: 30 Days of Night creeps into theaters from its own graphic novel approach with Josh Harnett, Melissa George, and directed by David Slade. When 30 Days creator, Steve Niles, wrote this piece for comic-book fans, I wonder why he borrowed the idea using this small isolated town in Barrows, Alaska's annual darkening period of 30 days to set up a terrifying twist with a pack of vampires who are savage, vicious, brutal, unremorseful, bloodthirsty, intelligent, cold blooded monsters. The real townfolks of Barrows would laugh this movie off to find it less amusing compared to South Park's portrayal on TV.[/font]

[font=Courier New]On a positive note, I'll give credit to Sam Raimi for venturing back into producing horror films especially Harnett for doing some really good performance with the other surviving cast members. Their scenario runs into that fear of isolation and anxiety of John Carpenter's "The Thing" to survive. But on the flipside screenwriter, Brian Nelson, did a horrible job with the story and script. He gave a group of vampires who mysteriously show up with sketchy Russian/Romanian hollow "No god," dialogue and far less character depth without names for each of them. They sport similar features to Nosferatu with bloody beards but the Marilyn Manson look-a-like winner takes the cake! The editing left out a number of important scenes that should've stayed in especially near the end when the vampires started backing off when the clouds began to dissipate. What happened to them? Where did they go?[/font]

[font=Courier New]There were some scary moments and I would've given this movie 4 stars if the characters and story could have been better. Probably worth renting the uncut version on dvd. If there is one. Taa, taa kiddies.[/font]

Resident Evil: Extinction

:cool: [font=Courier New]Resident Evil: Extinction has landed after 6 years of an outbreak of the T-Virus turning Umbrella Corp. employees, people, dogs and now black crows into zombies! With a Russian supermodel/indie musician/actress (Milla Jovavich) to save the day as Alice.[/font]

[font=Courier New]The third installment recaps from the first movie when Alice awakens from the shower after passing out from the HIVE's nerve gas. One thing leads to another in Umbrella Corp medical facility and Alice gets killed? What else becomes unexpected? She's added to a body pile of Alices and Dr. Issac is planning to control the zombified populace around the world. How evil that must be![/font]

[font=Courier New]The story takes place 8 years later with surviving cast members Carlos Olivera(Oded Fehr) and L.J.(Mike Epps) return from "Apocalypse" minus Sienna Guillory. Parts of this story is flawed with this 8 year gap without mentioning whatever happened to Jill Valentine especially she survived and left Raccoon City from the "Resident Evil 2" videogame. But the guys bring along Claire Redfield(Ali Larter from Heroes), her mini-Redfield look-a-like K-Mart(Spencer Locke), (Linden Ashby from Mortal Kombat) and Nurse Betty(Ashanti). Would you believe there were more Black audience members watching this only because Ashanti is in this movie? They didn't know anything about it. And not even the videogames! But what was interesting was how Dr. Issac turned into something worse than the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." In the "Resident Evil 3" game, Dr. Issac was already a grotesque version of 'Nemesis' as the final boss in the game. And in "Extinction" you'll see what happens to him.[/font]

[font=Courier New]The action scenes were pretty good shooting down a smarter and more aggressive group of zombies with more blood and gore crossing tie-ins with "The Road Warrior" and "Day of the Dead." Oh and don't worry about critics kids. They continue to undermine this new source of media; videogames to graphic novels for filmmaking. I'd like to be surprised on how they view "30 Days of Night[/font][font=Courier New]" this October. Then again we might need some new '20 something year old' blood in the film critics community. So go ahead and rip on the critics after this review.[/font]

[font=Courier New]If you enjoyed "Extinction," go see it again. It was better than "Apocalypse" and scary as the first. Survive the horror kids, if you can. [/font]

Live Free or Die Hard

:fresh: [font=Courier New] After Rocky 6, it's John Mclane's turn at bat in our digital/cell phone age, computer/internet savvy society. Equipped with more explosions and over the top moments, this one's packed with a gang of cyber terrorists led by a maniacal software programmer villain hell bent on starting a "fire sale" across the nation that not even Wal-Mart can control! [/font][font=Courier New]And the movie plays out like a videogame only if the videogame makers can get this one right![/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]But if you like seeing Bruce Willis getting his ass kicked by Maggie Q, you'll definitely like Justin Long (from Dodgeball) playing a computer geek/hacker who knows every kind of network system to a city's infrastructure![/font]

[font=Courier New]This time it's rated PG-13? What gives?![/font]

[font=Courier New]Yippie-kai-yayee [email="motherf!@#ers"]motherf!@#ers[/email]!!![/font]


:down: [font=Courier New]Several months ago the 'Transformers Movie' began a resurgence of the fabled toy/comic-book/animated TV series popularity for it's July 3rd opening on eBay and several other fan sites. When I saw the teaser trailers, I said, "They can't be serious!" Can they? I wasn't sure either so I didn't believe it was worth seeing until two weeks ago I decided to give it a second look by reviving part of my childhood days with the Transformers. Let's see; Bought a retro poster. Entering my codes in the 'Transform Your Summer' contests. (I hope I win an Xbox 360.) Bought Transformers comic-books. Earned a winning bid for Sideswipe on eBay. Posted pics of my Transformers on for Wired Magazine to publish. Ordered a Transformers T-Shirt from Hot Topic. And gave a 20 yr. old RT blogger to "do the math" on what he doesn't know about the Transformers from 'the experience' I have. (Isn't that amazing kids? I accomplished all that in two weeks but, there's more than meets the eye in this review.)[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]

[font=Courier New]Yes for nostalgia sake the Transformers are back in a new toy line series for 2007 after the Cybertron series was... uh mediocre. However the Alternators look pretty cool like the G1 toys. But my Fourth of July weekend was a lemon! And so is Michael Bay's version of the Transformers along with the screenwriters and Steven Spielberg who sold us all a lemon. The script was terrible. The dialogue was immature for juveniles and ridiculous. And Frenzy wasn't equipped with piledrivers! Instead he's shooting with a dinky machine gun and throwing ninja stars? Please gimme a break! Plus this isn't the first time Optimus Prime has lips. He was revamped recently with lips in Beast Wars and R.I.D. series.[/font]

[font=Courier New]But the good news is I am very grateful that I dodged the nerdiest of nerds madness opening day. While I waited in line for an IMAX show, I overheard these kids mentioning a number of diehard fans dressed up as their favorite Transformers for the very first showing yesterday. Now please bear with me, why would anyone treat this like a 'Star Wars' event in a Power Ranger Megazord milk carton suit when the weather is blistering hot? It's summer time! Just throw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts!!! And they said they wanted to represent their favorite characters? I'm in my 30's. All I need is my Transformers T-shirt with Prime, Jazz and Prowl charging in like the 'Monsters of Midway' and a pair of Guess jeans.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]

[font=Courier New]Although it was nice to see Bernie Mac play a used car salesman with Bumblebee showing the door to his original '84 yellow VW bug model. Yes that was then, this is now. And this is simply another version of the Transformers where the storyline is rewritten every two years. And Spielberg and Bay want to make two sequels after this? Those two can bet their filmmaking careers that I'm not going to see, nor buy, nor rent them on dvd. [/font]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

:cool: [font=Courier New]15 men on a dead man's chest, Yo ho, ho and a bottle of Depp! Oh that scurvy naive! After Pirates 2 my nieces can't get enough of him. Savvy? At World's End begins in Singapore, China with Sparrow's shipmates try to regain the Black Pearl and rescue Will Turner. Alas, the fate of pirates around the world were on the brink of extinction with those associated with them.[/font]

[font=Courier New]With a summary of a remaining portion of the story regarding Capt. Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Boot Strap Bill, Davy Jones, Capt. Barbossa, Elizabeth Swann and Calipso. What else is there to add after the CGI Dept. did the eye catching special effects? A battle between The Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman in a whirlpool? Awesome! But if you make any deals with pirates, they will double cross you from both sides.[/font]

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

[font=Courier New]:) Spider-Man, Spider-man... Does whatever Sam Raimi directs. Spins a movie any size. Look out! Here comes a script that doesn't work!! One of my favorite comic-book heroes in his third feature film webbing a three-way story that malfunctions Tobey Maguire's spider sense when this alien black goop crashes on Earth and latches itself onto Peter Parker as it has only story in contrast to the comic-book "Secret Wars."[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]But the black suit isn't Spidey's only problem. He then has to make a sand castle mud pie out of Sandman, who's just a petty criminal who commits robberies to help pay for his daughter's ailment and had something to do with Uncle Ben's demise? This is so mirroring of Dr. Octapus' storyline connecting to Peter as his science teacher, (that is understandable), but with additional supporting characters; his classmate Gwen Stacy, her father N.Y. Police Captain Stacy, rival photographer Eddie Brock(Topher Grace) and including Sandman to Peter's personal life, it makes this three way story more confusing, lost and out of focus from the main part of the story. (Uh... whichever one that might be.) [/font][font=Courier New]Not to mention Mary Jane's ordeal and Harry's scorn for vengence against Spider-Man. Even the girls in the audience gasped, "Oh my god!" at Harry and M.J. making out.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]With all these people involved in Peter's life, he is very stretched out but the good things that saved the day were Sandman's and Venom's origins, Aunt May lending sound advice and J. Jonah Jameson's high blood pressure electric shock treatment to humor us. [/font]

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

:fresh: [font=Courier New] I was in Berkeley a couple of weeks ago attending the free screening of "Hot Fuzz" with a long line of moviegoers that filled up all the seats in the theater room. It's really nice to see Simon Pegg and Nick Frost after their debut of "Shaun Of The Dead." From the beginning to the end the audience laughed out loudly in hysterics with dramatic acts of Bill Nighly, Timothy Dalton, Jim Broadbent, Olivia Coleman, Paddy Considine, Steve Coogan, Bill Bailey, Lucy Punch, Anne Reid, Kevin Eldon, Martin Freeman, Paul Freeman, Billie Whitelaw, Stuart Wilson, Edward Woodward Peter Jackson and Cate Blanchett being part of the joke. And I was going title this, "The Stepford Wives meet Jerry Bruckheimer and Richard Donner," but I'll explain that later.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Simon and Nick are movie geeks like Quentin Tarentino and Robert Rodriguez. They love watching their favorite zombie horror films but they've also seen every action cop film from "Point Break" to "Bad Boys II." So they hook up with screenwriter Edgar Wright using the same smart comedy satire they developed from "Shaun" to integrate with fast paced action and choppy editing ah-la Jerry Bruckheimer and Richard Donner style laced with gore. While revving up for an adrenaline rush, in comes London's top cop, Sgt. Nicholas Angel(Simon Pegg), he's so good at his job, his arrest rate record is over 400%. (Our blue boys need more like him!) But his superiors decided keep him from making his fellow officers look any worse and transfer him to the most quiet and crime-free town in the country side of England... uh, Sanford.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Shortly after Nicholas' arrival in Sanford, most of the town folks especially the community leaders, the N.W.A.(Neighborhood Watchdog Association), become aware of his transfer from London. He meets Danny Butterman(Nick Frost) who's a fan of buddy cop action flicks, aspiring to be like Keanu Reeves' Point Break character and finds out Butterman is also a cop and the son of the Sanford Police Chief Frank Butterman(Jim Broadbent), who introduces him to his new police crew with cake. Although, Sanford is such a quiet and mild mannered town, it's actually twisted and evil with a human statue mime, a runaway swan, a pack of hoodies and an old farmer's barn lot of firearms with a rusty old sea mine. A series of murders made to look like accidents occur while Angel grows suspicious of these would-be accidents mystery involving some of the N.W.A. members. His new law enforcement gang find his theories and suspicions a joke. But Angel draws in Danny to assist him in this mystery and finds out there's more than one serial killer.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]All of the action sequences go; BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! With more BLAM! Adding plenty Expletive & HOLY SH*%!!! with Nicholas and Danny brining the smackdown in a town shootout. The climax is nearly endless with the head honchos of the N.W.A. having to do with the town's immaculate image for the Town of the Year Award. Reminicent from the original "Stepford Wives" having to do with Stepford and the capcity of the men keeping things as they are with their wives in a wicked perversed sense. And why did I change my original title for this review? "For the greater good." [/font]


[font=Courier New]:fresh: Useless Skill #13: Typing my review of "Grindhouse" - Rodriguez & Tarentino paying homage to the exploitation B-Films of the 60's and 70's![/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]When I started seeing these movie promo card board cut outs of "Grindhouse" last month at the Asian Am. Film Fest, I asked, "What's this about?" Taking a closer look, I see Rose McGowen with a machine gun, grenade launcher aputated leg. I thought to myself, "That looks too exaggerated and totally absurbed!" But when I saw the trailer on TV, I became somewhat excited yet second guessing whether this movie would do well or not. Then I found out what "Grindhouse" is about and I had to tell myself to see it when I get a chance. And last Saturday I was bored to death being cooped up in my crib, and darted out to see this to get a fix. Man did ever get a fix![/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarentino team up again to do a grindhouse double-feature called Planet Terror and Death Proof with fake preview trailers and commercials in the beginning and in between. The double-feature idea came from Rodriguez when he noticed Quentin's collection of 'grindhouse' films from the 60's and 70's. Grindhouse films were an array of exploitation B-films ranging from horror, sci-fi, sex, foreign, action and martial-arts. These types of movie reels would be played in big theaters, shown at drive-ins, then to small/ghetto theaters and vice versa until after many times shown on old movie projectors, the film reels would show signs of wear and tear. You'd see lines of scratch marks going down, specks of dirt and dust, bad color exposure, burned/melted off parts, etc. Even some parts of film reel were cut out or stolen. Rodriguez and Tarentino added those elements to make this new movie authentic to the grindhouse films. Where's Bob Wilkins and Elvira at to host these venues?[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Planet Terror is an action-packed zombie film that revives those outrageous zombie B-films from the 70's after "Dawn of the Dead" inspired a number of filmmakers' zombie films to be shown. Rose McGowen, Freddy Rodriguez, Michael Biehn, Tom Savini, Marley Shelton, Bruce Willis, Josh Brolin, Jeff Fahey and the 'Crazy Girl Twins' appear in this movie. Especially 'Fergie'(from Black Eyed Peas) gets killed off in one of the worst grotesque ways you'd never imagined in a zombie flick! I guess if any popstar diva like Britney, Xristina, Mariah or Beyounce is cast in a Rodriguez/Tarentino film, they're going to get killed off in the worst way you'd never imagined.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]Death Proof has most of the cast from Planet Terror crossover as different characters with Rosario Dawson playing an actress and Kurt Russell playing 'Stuntman' Mike, a psycho stuntdriver obsessed with women while driving a muscle stuntcar. Death Proof drives its way down memory lane to "Vanishing Point, Grand Theft Auto, Foxy Brown and Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill, Kill!!" in a white supercharger into the 21st Century where 'Stuntman' Mike will get his just due.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]The dialogue in both films are purposely over the top that makes you laugh your socks off in lieu of what the grindhouse films applied from that era. When you're watching a B-movie with that kind of dialogue, don't take it too seriously. They were made to be bad films with hardcore scenes that gave them noterioty and cult status.[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]After Planet Terror ended, some people thought that was it and started leaving the theater room. I just had to tell them, "Where are you going? The movie's not over yet!" While they weren't paying attention, those who stayed yelled, "The movie's not over yet!!" Almost half of the audience left before the fake trailers and Death Proof came on. Isn't it rude for some moviegoers to leave in the middle of a double-feature? Is it me or did they assume Grindhouse was only about Planet Terror? It's a double-feature you blockheads!!![/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[font=Courier New]The fake trailers were some of the funniest ever. They looked like they could be seen on SNL. I was even surprised to see Sybil Danning make an appearance and Nicolas Cage as [/font][font=Courier New]Dr. Fu-Man Chu? And after "Grindhouse" ended, I was already cured of my boredom. I had a great time watching that double-feature! [/font][font=Courier New] [/font]

Superman Returns

[font=Courier New]I do agree with those who are tired of Lex Luthor being "always the villain" in the Super-flicks. Why couldn't the screenwriters read a bunch of Superman comics and notice there are other rogues worthy of being in Superman Returns or the sequels like; Brainiac, Toyman, Metallo, Parasite, Mongul, or even the ever popular Bizarro. Urban Outfitters is selling Bizarro t-shirts. Bizarre isn't it?[/font]