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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Best film in the Harry Potter series, and if you knew me you'd know I don't say that lightly.

First, the not so good - could it stand alone as a film by itself, no. But then again it's not meant to, so not complaining. Is it me or did it seem that Dumbledore was portrayed as a horrible bastard who sold poor Harry down the river? A lamb to slaughter as Snape so aptly puts it. Why did they not better explain the Elder Wand and how it passes from master to master, because it's imperative people understand that Harry does not kill Voldemort, ultimately, Voldemort kills himself and that doesn't come across.

Now the good - Alan Rickman!! Dude, you are my hero. I was disgusted when he was killed off and dismissed in the book. And while the death of Snape was pretty faithful to the book, Rickman's acting literally stole the story away from Harry in those moments. He died a hero, as he should have. The scenes in the penseive were awesome. They were enough to let you understand how much he loved Lily but not so much that you resented James Potter. Kudos.

Soooooo glad they didn't attempt to explain the Deathly Hallows, too time consuming. The horcruxes were far more important. Ron and Hermione... Perfect. Not too long or sappy. Yay!

Neville, you go!! Loved the speech he gave after Harry 'died'. Just shows how far that character has come.

Finally, although some didn't like it, I loved that it ended with Harry and Voldemort standing alone, as it began.

Oh, and 'not my daughter you bitch!!!'.

Superb film, great acting, amazing effects.

Thank you Jo for sharing your world with us.

Priest (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Okay, it's REALLY not that bad. Seriously. For a cowboy, vampire, The Searchers meets the Matrix, kinda thing it wasn't terrible. If you can make Cowboys and Aliens, why not Cowboys, Vampires and the Catholic Church?

But seriously, it was entertaining and I can't ask for much more than that. Was it deep, meaningful and filled with moments that shed light on life and the meaning of the world, absolutely not. Believe it or not, most movies aren't deep or meaningful. They are meant to be entertaining, and frankly I am far more interested in celibate Warrior Priests that first turn the tide in a war with vampires and then become the scourge of society only to rise up againt to ...well ...uhm ...turn the tide in a war with vampires. But you get the idea, deep, no ...campy and fun, yes.

I love Paul Bettany. Anyone who can take the script he was given and make it interesting anyway Karl Urban, okay, he sucked (no pun intended), but lets face it people, the man is not that good of an actor. It's not the scripts he's given ...I mean, he sucked in The Lord of the Rings and THAT's REALLY HARD TO DO.

At any rate, I actually loved the fact that it was PG-13 and therefore not overflowing with gratituious blood and gore. It made it watchable instead of just gross.

I also loved the fact that it was only 87 minutes long. Let's be honest ...if it had been any longer it would have been too long. We have the intro to the Priest, who has no name apparently except Priest, to his brother, to Lucy to the Sheriff, to Black Hat (how we came by that name, I've no idea), to the Priestess, to why Priest goes after Lucy (she's his daughter), to Christopher Plummer playing yet another evil priest ...not PRIEST priest, but just one of the political magistrate priests. With me?

At any rate, after the wile E coyote blows up a railroad with a futuristic motorcycle that goes 250 mph moment, the movie was basically over, good guys win hat survives to go on to sequal ...maybe, and that's the end. Priest goes back to the city to make sure evil magistrate priests know the vampires have returned and the queen vamp is still alive and VIOLA! it's over and it needs to be. Any longer and you'd have lost me.

Anyway, it's like a bad soap opera that you watch anyway cause you're addicted. Will Priest ever get over the love of his life? Will Black Hat return to wreck havoc on the cities? Will the magistrate pull the stick out of his ass? Stay tuned ...


The A-Team
The A-Team (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It wasn't horrible. Yay! No, I didn't see it at the theater ....because uhm's The A-Team, I didn't watch it on television either.

I do, however, have a husband, and with trepidation, we rented it ...because he's a guy and watching things blow up is fun.

It was not that bad. It kept my attention, which is a fairly high compliment given that I tend to send text messages when I get bored, and it had enough personality and chemistry to keep it going.

Was it predictable? Yeah. Kinda camp? Yeah. But, so what, I didn't get the feeling that they were attempting to present us with anything else. Campy, fun, predictable, with lots of explosions, a happy husband and Liam Neeson ...what more can I ask for?

I especially liked watching them plan out the missions and flashing to the actual mission ...that was a very interesting technique and it worked.

Say what you want, bitch if you must, but really, if you're looking for deep and meaningful ...what on earth were you wathing The A-Team for anyway?

The Last Airbender
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It's sad, because I think I speak for everyone when I say I SO MUCH wanted to like this film. I really, really did.

It had everything, fantasy, martial arts, a fan base, a cool plot had so much potential.

And then it met M. Night Shaymalan and he destroyed it. WHY?

Originally I watched it while my husband was sleeping, so I turned on the captions. I felt sure this was why it sucked so bad, I couldn't hear the music, or inflections in dialogue ...surely this was why it seemed bad.

So we watched it again ...AUGH!! It was better without the sound. The acting was wooden (and that's being kind), the kid who played Aang was just horrible and did not have a good supporting cast to help him. He HAD to carry this movie, and he couldn't.

The effects, I must admit, were cool. I loved the martial arts that created the 'bending' as it were, but they don't explain (or even show) how each element uses a different martial art to 'bend' that particular element. That would not have been a hard thing to show.

Because I have not followed the cartoon, I was constantly lost. We were in the Southern Water Tribe's area, and suddenly the Fire Nation was there, and they take Aang fight or anything, he just goes with them ...yawn. And suddenly were rescuing Aang on a giant floating buffalo who is apparely well loved in the series, and not introduced at ALL in the film.

I finally caught up with what was happening when Aang admitted he ran away and did not know how to bend the other elements. AH HA, thought I, now it'll get better cause we have a plot. And yet ...IT DIDN'T!! How is that possible?

Off we go to the Northern Water Tribe, but WAIT, Aang gets set up and kidnapped from an Air Nomad Temple before he can get there. Kidnapped AGAIN. Why was he there ...something about a spiritual place and a dragon, but really I'm grasping at straws.

How does he escape, well the dude that kidnapped him the first time SAVES him the second. Hang on ...WTF??? Does the guy have a double personality or what? No, as it turns out (after the second viewing) he has been cast out of the Fire Nation and saves Aang from the other Fire Nation guy specifically so he can kidnap him AGAIN and take him to his father where he will then restore his honor. Right?

Finally we get to the big battle, the primo scene where the Northern Water Tribe must battle the Fire Nation. Here's my issue with that. This tribe OPENLY practices water bending. They have their village in the middle of an OCEAN. Aang (the Avatar, ie the most powerful bender in the world) has gone there to find a master to teach him water bending. Assuming there are water benders of that calibre in that village, why are they having a problem defeating the Fire Nation in the middle of an OCEAN???

At any rate, I find myself (often) wanting to rent it again because I so desperately want it to be a good film. DAMN, it had so much potential.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I try to write reviews before I read any other people's opinions. This movie was fantastic. Is it definitely a 'part 1'? Yes, it most definitely had that 'come back next year' feel to it. Does that take away from it at all? No, not really.

Let's pull Harry and frieds completely out of their regular world, away from Hogwarts and send them in search of Horcrux's while they try to hide from the Ministry of Magic.

Now, 10 years into the movies, CAN DANIEL RADCLIFFE HOLD A MOVIE TOGETHER ALL BY HIMSELF? Can he make it magical and wonderful, and scary without his incredible supporting cast?

Answer: Yes, he can.

Yeah, yeah, people are bitching because if you haven't either read the books or seen the other films, you may get confused. People ...this is the 7th film in a series of films. If you haven't seen 1,2,3,4,5 and 6, you don't DESERVE to understand. Go back and watch the others, then join us again.

I thought it was brilliantly done. You mourn the loss of Hedwig, Dobby and Mad-Eye, but moreso, it seems to put the viewer slightly off kilter not being within the Hogwarts grounds. You feel like you've been released into the big, bad world where your mortality is hanging on by a hair, and you should ...because that's what Harry is feeling.

It has the beginnings of something epic. Let's hope part II is just as well thought out.