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Into The Storm

The special effects and tornado sequences are indeed quite impressive, unfortunately Into the Storm is terrible in every other regard. And man, is it oh so dumb.


Godzilla '14 is not as bad as Godzilla '98, that goes without saying. Unfortunately, it's still pretty disappointing. Gareth Edwards is promising when it comes to the destruction, using wide shots, minimal shaky cam (if any), and definitely mounts some exhilerating sequences (the bridge attack for instance.) Unfortunately, he teases the audience way too much, which can sometimes work, especially if your name is Steven Spielberg. But when the story in between is so dull, and the characters not much to care about, one feels a bit cheated at times. And it makes the big teases all the more irritating. I feel the sequel will probably fix these issues, and again, this is not awful. It's just deeply flawed and could have been so much better. And for once can we see giant monsters battle in cities in the day time? Why must it always be a tad too dark, or rainy. Not Zilla 98 rainy. But still, I hope Godzilla 2 has a bit more sunshine and bit more... well.... Godzilla. Is that too much to ask?

Nothing Bad Can Happen

( NOTE: Though some have compared this to MARTYRS, have no fear, this not as explicit nor is it torture porn.) It's essentially The Passion of Tore, a naive teenager who suffers frequent seizures, which he believes are moments from God. One such episode captures the eye of Benno while at a christian rock concert, as part of a group called the Jesus Freaks. Benno quickly takes Tore under his wing after the Jesus Freaks move on with their tour. Initially civil, Benno begins to show true evil as he begins to subject Tore to savage abuse, rape at the hands of others, and other savage torture. But Tore, strong in his faith with his God, refuses to fight back and continues to turn his cheek, even though there appears to be no God watching over him. This is naturally a tough film to endure and an even harder one to swallow. It's at once infuriating and fascinating. Fascinating because first-time director Gebbe is a striking talent over the proceedings. It is certainly a technical masterpiece from the ending, camera work, and haunting score. She also never falls over into exploitation, and while the abuse, sexual or otherwise, is hard to view, she doesn't linger or seem to get some kind of sick joy out of it. Nothing Bad Can Happen may be a tad vague in what it is trying to accomplish, but it's certainly worth watching and you'll certainly not forget it. Sweet Tore's face will stick with you. Bad can certainly happen. (Not Rated- contains strong violent content including sexual abuse and torture, disturbing images, and language.)

Willow Creek
Willow Creek(2014)

Hilarious from the start, only to become flat out intensely creepy. Good job Bobcat.


I remember it being interesting, thrilling, and fun. But I can't really remember anything else.


Such a colossal, embarrassing, even offensive, failure 'Diana' is. I don't know why Naomi Watts signed up for this, she had to know the script was atrocious.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

A modern classic and now one of my all-time favorites.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

55% my ass. This is the best Spider Man movie yet.


How does one review a film like Thanatomorphose? It's not a film you can really categorize . It doesn't follow any logic, just the nightmare fueling imagery and bleak atmosphere it creates. It's simple, a woman has empty sex and then literally rots to death. That's it. However, the whole experience is unforgettable, even if you might want to forget it. It's gruesome and depressing and I couldn't stop watching it. It's unbearable in it's dread, and the makeup effects are disgustingly brilliant. I can only recommend it to fans of experimental horror with strong stomachs. Oh, and I could never watch it again.

Kill Your Darlings

Sexy and dangerous, Kill Your Darlings may not have a ton of depth, but Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe set the screen ablaze. While John Krokidas infuses the story with delicious dark and brooding style.


Contracted is just a flat out deliciously wild spiral into body horror that's never less than entertaining, and ultimately a clever twist on a popular sub-genre.

Captain Phillips

Finally Paul Greengrass can make a visually coherent film without frenetic editing and indecipherable on screen action. Captain Phillips is a tense and involving thriller, featuring one of Tom Hanks greatest performances. I'm still confused as to why Barkhad Abdi got so much praise though.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

A huge improvement over the first entry of this popular series. Catching Fire is brilliant for the first half of its running time, being endlessly engrossing and dramatically involving. Then the games start and the flame diminishes a tad. However, I would take this over Twilight any day.

12 Years a Slave

Certainly not the best picture of last year, 12 Years A Slave is nonetheless a harrowing and powerful tale of one man's true story of survival and injustice. Never flinching from the brutal atrocities of slavery, this is a solid film that's worth the endurance. If only once. And whether it's pretentious or important (or both) is up to the viewer, but this is still film making of the highest order.


An astonishing feat in raising the bar of the cinematic experience. Gravity, with all its literally awe-inspiring special effects and heart stopping suspense, could have ended up being a hollow, soulless, experience. Fortunately, in the hands of now Oscar winning director Alfonso Cuaron and co-writer/son Jonas Cuaron, the director infuses the proceedings with emotional feeling and thought provoking themes of our place in this vast universe. This is also further elevated thanks in part to Sandra Bullock's wonderful performance, always captivating, and carrying the film almost entirely on her shoulders. Ultimately, Gravity is a modern classic, near-masterpiece, which gets better with each viewing, and solidifies Alfonso Cuaron as one of todays greatest film makers.

U Want Me 2 Kill Him?

Brilliant stuff. Jaw dropping ending.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Wes Anderson's crowning achievement, and in my top 5 favorite films of all time. A film that I will always hold dearly to my heart. It's laugh out loud hilarious no matter how many times I watch it and yet perfectly poignant. It will be hard for Anderson to ever top this (as he hasn't yet) but still, thank you Mr. Anderson for your masterpiece. The Royal Tenenbaums.

Amber Alert
Amber Alert(2012)

Quite awful, if not without it's merits. But if you found The Blair Witch Project to be grating do to frequent arguments. You haven't seen anything yet.

The Counselor

One of the most misunderstood films of last year. The Counselor is a wholly engrossing, expertly crafted, and wonderfully written crime thriller/ Shakespearean tragedy. Performances are perfect across the board, but Cameron Diaz really is stunning. Her best work since Vanilla Sky.

The Conjuring

A damn fine horror film which actually delivers some truly jolting scares, while also being deeply unsettling in the long run. I have not seen a mainstream genre film with such sustained sequences of tension and outright terror like this since maybe The Ring. It will go down as one of the best. Vera Farmiga gives a truly flawless and hauntin g performance. While James Wan proves that he's just about become the great horror director he's striven to be. Despite it's minor flaws, The Conjuring is a new horror classic, and a great experience at the movies. It takes a lot to scare me, but this one really did. Anna the doll will haunt your dreams.

Upstream Color

A masterpiece of independent experimental cinema. A mind-blowing burst of originality. One of my very favorite films of the year. Also, it's really not as baffling as many have led one to believe. It's a experience to wash over you, and intoxicate you. Just pure brilliance, and work of unforgettable art (whether you love it or hate it.)

Mulholland Drive

One of the best films ever made and probably my favorite.

La Vie en Rose (La Mome)

Cotillard is staggering in her portrayal of Edith Piaf. It's a sad story, for sure, but with the aforementioned Cotillard (in her Oscar winning role) and the naturally glorious music- La Vie En Rose is more than worth a watch.

Velvet Goldmine

Based on the relationship between David Bowie and Iggy Pop, told through a structure borrowing heavily from Citizen Kane. Todd Haynes' Velvet Goldmine is admittedly messy and unfocused. However, the performances are brilliantly played, with Meyers taking on Bowie successfully, but especially Ewan McGregor who gets down Iggy Pop to a striking degree. Of course a movie like this one must have a great soundtrack, and VG is flawless in that department. Especially with Thom Yorks participation. Plus with all the glitter and feathers and makeup, it is a visually stimulating experience. Again though, as wildly entertaining as the first half or so is, it certainly goes on a little longer than it needs to. Ultimately Velvet Goldmine is more of a collage of an alien era gone by. It's fearless in it's portrayal of super-homosexuality, which is nice for a change. Of course this is Todd Haynes though, so one should expect much. Toni Collette and Eddie Izzard provide great supporting performances as well. This review is all over the place, all I can say is check it out if you are interested in the glam scene, or are just in the mood for something unique and, well, quite colorful.


A fascinating and eye-opening doc. Told by a very brave man who speaks the truth, even if it's terrible to hear. The editing, music, and production is all tops. Thus it is never once dull or manipulative, it's just a man who has been through hell an back, unfiltered. This is an important and essential watch.

Ma Mere
Ma Mere(2005)

One of my favorite films that is filed under 'films i love that everyone else hates'

Huppert can do no wrong in my mind, but even here she proves once again that she is a fearless actress, and also the best french actress working today. Louis Garrel also delivers a raw and naked performance (sometimes literally.) Another fearless actor, who is as sexy as he is talented.

Other than the great performances, the film is also incredibly filmed and edited. The opening credits are stark and silent and brilliant. And I've never heard the Beach Boys song so happy together put to better use.

Companion piece: Ken Park

Land of the Lost

Unfunny, boring, annoying, and pointless. Basically, it's Hollywood's biggest pile of crap so far this year. It's also incredibly insulting when you realize that there was no other reason for this movie to get made other than to give the studio and cast an extra paycheck. Fortunately, since I work at a movie theater, I didn't have to pay, and yet I still wanted to get my money back (if that makes any sense at all.) It goes on the small list of films that I have ever walked out on, the last one being last Summers equally dreadful Get Smart (Even though at least that one had Anne Hathaway.) Forget Matt Lauer, Will Ferrell can suck it. (I would give it a 0 if only RT would let me.)