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Alex's Review of Snitch

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Here's Dwayne Johnson's attempt at becoming a legitimate actor and not just an icon for self-conscious action movie tropes (not that there's anything wrong with that). He doesn't pull it off. While his natural warmth makes it impossible to downright dislike the guy, you can see Dwayne struggling with the material. But then, it's not like the material does much to help the situation. The movie is so dead-set on being a gritty ultra-serious statement about the war on drugs, that it forgets to be any fun at all. Bland dialog and cluttered plotting drags this one down to the inky depths. Plus, what's the point of casting Dwayne Johnson as the harmless every-man who rarely gets his hands dirty; a role he by virtue doesn't fit simply because he happens to be The Rock, and The Rock happens to look like a superhero. At least the periphery characters are played by some pretty solid TV actors.

You can forget about action because there isn't much of it, and what little there is is poorly shot and edited. There's little in the way of suspense, either, and the central message is rammed down our collective throats. Oliver Stone handled similar material with more finesse, and that's saying something.