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Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


[SIZE=2]Being a proud canuck, I was introduced to [I]The Trailer Park Boys[/I] a while ago and it's a very funny show. And the movie takes off on its own a little thing but i liked it. Except for the fact that it left my favorite character J-Roc out of the movie mostly. But there was plenty of Bubbles, which I was thankful for.

Most of the moie centers around Ricky, his wife and her job at a strip club, him being arrested because of a bad mistake by Julian, and the boys' change-stealing crusade. And the movie doesn't need to be more than that because the show is never more than that. And it seems the perfect length, een if some scenes [I]do[/I] drag on.

Nonetheless, this fun, frequently funny romp gets a big recommendation from me. Even if you've neer seen the show, they do a fine job of easing you into its style. And if you'e got a beaing heart you're sure to love Bubbles.[/SIZE]