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Renate's Review of Amélie

10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


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[center]First of all I'm gonna say that she is really beautiful.[/center]
[center]A sort of cheeky innocent beautiful.[/center]
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[center]I've always wanted to see this movie as I've seen it advertised and people talk about it. I finally caught it when it was on the tv.[/center]
[center]I really liked the movie straight off, It was a refreshing story, very weird but likeable. The character she played was lovely, the way she acted and how she saw people. She is quiet and has this cute, mischievous smile and look on her face. The most touching part of the film was when she decided to walk with the blind man through the market and desribed everything they walked past. Then just left him... I've never ever thought of that and how much it would actually mean to someone who couldnt see it all. The sort of mystery flirting game she plays with that guy who collects ripped up photos of people and finding out who that one guy is (the man who fixes them).[/center]
[center]All together this movie is a 9/10. [/center]
[center]I am going out to buy it as soon as I can afford as I would love to watch it again.[/center]
[center]I found myself repeating the french that was being said. I found that funny tbh.[/center]
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