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[i][size=2][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Well I don't know what to say...
Saturday - Did nothing but get over my cough....
Sunday - Same as above.
Monday - I cleaned up a little and became vegitarian.
Tuesday - Today i attended a college course at the YMCA centre. It was pretty good... i'll be doing 5 modules and maybe a cooking class. The modules end whenever you finish them and you earn 50 and a GNVQ or something like that.
I then went to newcastle to sign on and buy some water and meet Chrissy...
Awww he was so weirdly shy, although we've been together a month yesterday... we havent accually done much outta the flat... Which is probs why we're so close already. We decided to celebrate being together a month we'd go to the cinemas.
We went to see Ghost Rider... It reminded me of a low budget movie. Still good tho.
I recently watched a movie called Instinct... I really liked that. It made me cry tho... When they gorillas got shot and that man got beat by the guard. I don't like thinks like that. It made me believe the worlds just a wicked place... well humans are anyways.
Sooooo cute chrissy being all shy, i couldnt kiss him but he was so craving it, we got close then id pull away... i do love playing that game... It makes sexual tension sky high. i love him so much.

Tomorrow i should go to college but i can't because I have no bus fair.
So I'm either going to go for a few hours Thursday or i'm going Next Tuesday to accually start it all off. Also chrissy is gonna be coming early to come cuddle me in bed before he has to go to college at 1pm. I do love Wednesday, although last wednesday i was pretty sick and it didnt go away... I hate feeling sick around people.


[/font][/size][/i][center][color=Red][i][size=2][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]11. Breathless Kisses.[/font][/size][/i][/color]