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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians(2012)


Swanner: Just in time to get us in the mood for the holidays, DreamWorks brings us Rise of the Guardians. The story follows Santa, the Sandman, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny all who have been made Guardians of the children by the's a children's film so just play along. This year the moon has asked Jack Frost to join the Guardians to help them defeat the Boogie Man who wants to make nightmares take the place of dreams. Will become a holiday classic?

Judd: With voice talents Alec Baldwin (Santa), Hugh Jackman (Bunny), Isla Fisher (Tooth), Jude Law (Pitch Black aka Boogie Man) and Chris Pine (Jack) The Guardians is pretty heavy on the stars, but do they bring anything to table? Not really. Jude Law is pretty as Pitch Black, but anyone with an English accent can play a villain. I thought the concept was interesting, but the execution was lacking. The movie is slowly paced and there were several times where the Sandman visited me right there in the theatre.

Swanner: I was snoozing as well. There seemed to be a lot of action but I never felt drawn into the film. It was strange that as big as the characters were I was never involved. It was also odd that they have Jack Frost and Santa in the story and are releasing the film right before Christmas but the holiday that's be celebrated is Easter??? Did I miss something? Maybe they wanted the film to seem timeless but it just felt confused to me.

Judd: The movie is based on a book, and I have a feeling there was much more to the Jack Frost story than was presented in the movie. Jack has amnesia; he can?t be seen by children because they don?t believe in him and he wonders why the moon made him a guardian. The plot would be better played out as a Nicholas Sparks novel, except it?s the wife who doesn?t believe in her amnesiac husband anymore. I think the disconnect is that the characters Santa, Bunny and Tooth, are presented so differently from the way that we traditionally know them. Santa should not be a Russian with tattoos.

Swanner: I really like the tattoo's but I guess me liking a fat guy with tattoos is nothing out of the ordinary. I think that Sparks novel has already been done and believe it or not...better. The movie has a wonderful look and I'm sure kids will love this movie but if you and I were dozing then good luck to the parents that get dragged to see it. The 3D was nice but not worth the hit at the box office. I say wait for spring when it comes out on video so the Easter egg hunt in the film will feel more appropriate.

Swanner: * 1/2

Judd: 1 1/2