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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
A Good Day To Die Hard

A Good Day To Die Hard(2013)

Swanner: Bruce Willis is back playing John McClane in the fifth Die Hard installment. When the first Die Hard came out in 1988 I never thought I'd be seeing Willis still playing McClane 25 years later. This time around he travels to Moscow to find out what his son is doing since he hasn't heard from him in quite a while. It's takes McClane all of an hour to turn Moscow upside down. John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines) directs

Judd: I loved that after exiting his cab from the airport, he confronts his son who he thinks is in trouble but turns out is actually a US spy, then immediately steals a truck and engages in a high speed chase. A high speed chase worthy of a Bond movie, if I do say so myself. When the Russians finally capture Jack, the son played by Jai Courtney, they don't seem the least bit phased that John, a NYPD officer, is with him. In fact, they treat him like he's been part of the mission all along. He's one hell of a cop.

Swanner: That's how you have to look at these movies. You can't be a stuffy movie critic and expect these movies to make sense. It's one big stunt show starring Bruce Willis. I was exhausted after the first chase and the ending certainly delivers. The script written by Skip Wood (The A-Team) moves well and doesn't force any romance or too much sentiment down our throats. If all that isn't enough the film comes with a 97 minute running time.

Judd: Speaking of sentiment, I liked the way they handled the touchy-feely father-son stuff. In the beginning of the movie John and Jack don't get along, so kicking Russian ass is a bonding exercise for them. I liked that whenever the bullets stopped flying for 5 minutes, your stereotypical conflict came to its stereotypical conclusion with Cliff's Notes like efficiency. Pow-pow-pow! "You were never around, Dad." "I tried my hardest. I was always working to provide for you." "I guess you aren't as bad as I thought, then." Bang-bang-bang!

Swanner: That's how a good action flick should be. Bad guys die and the good guys say funny things after they shoot up the bad guys and we got that here. The Die Hard movies are supposed to be fun and A Good Day To Die Hard is. I also think it's a movie theater movie. There is a ton of action on screen and you need that theater sound to hear all those car crashes, bombs exploding and guns being fired.

Swanner: ***

Judd: ** 1/2