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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The King's Speech

The King's Speech(2010)

The world on the verge of WWII, and the royal family is in crisis. Sounds about as dull as you can get. Yet this film is fantastic. It is about the true struggle of a person that has responsibility they never wanted thrust upon them, and the struggles to overcome a crippling stutter.
Colin Firth is a totally believable member of the royal family, and yet is as easy to identify with as a member of your own. Guy Pearce portrays the royal ass of a brother very well, but we already knew he could play the royal ass from years ago in the Count of Monte Cristo.

The part of Lionel by Geoffrey Rush, (yes Capt Barbarossa) was a worry to me. No mistaking the look, the voice, the rhythm of Mr. Rush. In the beginning I just saw Barbarossa with out a hat or beard. But quickly his quirky character portrayal made me forget Barbarossa and by the end he was not playing a character, to me he became Lionel. I expect an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor for Mr. Rush.

The total package of this movie is one with no action, no explosions, no special effects, no fast scene cutting, no hand held camera action, and not one fight scene. Yet on the shoulders of just human drama and character development rises above most of the rest of most of last years, or the last several years worth, movie choices. It left you wanting to applaud, some people did.