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The Reaping
The Reaping (2007)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

([u]This first part is a rant about critics, skip it if you want and read the next paragraph[/u])Do you want to know why my mood is angry? It is because of all the stuck-up critics who think this movie is so crappy. Half of them saying things like, "how could you tell this was not going to happen, it is so obvious." Well no crap it is obvious AFTER you saw the movie. ([u]rant over begin reading[/u])

[i][b][u]Warning: Possible Spoilers!!![/u][/b][/i]

[u]Basic Overview:

[/u] This movie is about a former missionary now college professor who tries to disprove miracle happenings, Katherine (Hilary Swank, great actress) goes to a town called Haven to investigate a river that the locals say turned to blood. She goes with her partner Ben (Idris Elba, did a good job) to check it out. They get there and test it and after a few more of the plagues come find out it is really blood. During the plagues she constantly runs into Loren (Annasophia Robb, great actress and my favorite) a little girl the town blames for the plagues numerous times. The townspeople want to kill her and when they finally try to she sicks some locusts on them. The ending (I thought) was awsome because it had some nice little twists that (I am sorry all seeing and knowing critics) I did not see coming. I will admit the death of the first born plague was a little over the top but was still cool.

[u]The Acting:

[/u] I honestly thought the acting was amazing. Hilary Swank fit the character perfectly. Idris Elba did an awsome job too. I did not like David Morrissey's acting too much. I loved Annasophia Robb. She is the best demonic little girl out of all the demonic little girls they have in horror films.

[u]The Storyline:

[/u] Even though it was a bit shaky at the end the storyline was strong. With nice little twists and turns here and there. Though the movie did have resemblence to other horror movies of its kind (I apologize again master critics) I thought it did a good job remaining unique.

[u]Effects, Camera Work, and other things like this:

[/u] I thought the special effects were done really well. The little firstorm death of first born thing was a little iffy but overall it was all great. The camera work was done very well and the lighting was great and kept you in the mood.

I hope there is a sequel!

oooooh buugsss