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The American
The American (2010)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I dont normally bother writing reviews on movies but this stinker compelled me to do so.

Sure the movie has picturesque scenes and was nicely filmed. And by nicely filmed I mean the camera was rather steady.

George Clooney has adopted the Bruce Willis method of underacting which actually helps him in The American. The supporting actors did a great job and thats basically where it ends. When one reviewer said that the pace is the opposite of the Bourne Identity they were not kidding. This movie is painfully slow. Not to mention has a ton of holes. Assassins dont make silencers from garage parts or drill into bullets in their casings. I mean were there no consultants? Oh and heres another tip, dont go see this movie with your parents. Theres a nice sex scene that lasts for several minutes (felt like and hour).

For the love of god save your money. The powers that be want you to think this is a 4 star movie, in reality its two stars, and thats generous.