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Jeff's Review of Management

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I picked up this movie on a whim. I didn't really think too much about it except for the fact that it said "romantic comedy". Jennifer Aniston was in it and it would be a good chick flick for the wife. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually pretty good.

Steve Zahn stars along with Aniston as the night manager of his family run motel, The Kingsman, out in the middle-of-nowhere Arizona. Sue (Aniston) is just passing through for a business conference when she meets the strangely nice paramour Mike (Zahn) who tries to swoon her in the only small town ways that he can. It is funny to watch, sweet and endearing.

What starts off as a quick attraction on a business trip soon turns towards love. At least with Mike. See Mike is under the belief that if you find someone you like you don't let it go. It makes perfect sense to him; therefore he traces Sue's whereabouts and shows up on her doorstep much to her surprise. What ensues is a game of "why" and why not."

The story really centers on those that follow their hearts and those that are afraid to or are fearful of taking a leap. Although quite funny all throughout, with a sideline cameo by Woody Harrelson, there are a lot of serious undertones that makes you connect with both characters.

You may not have thought about this movie too much and I barely remember it ever being in theaters, but you might want to pick this up. It is a nice little story about the people that follow true love and those that recognize true love but are scared to follow it.