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Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3 (2010)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

THE BEST: The story was one of the best things about this film. It also had a wonderful ending. Ken was my favorite character in this movie.

THE GOOD: The cast of this film was excellent.

THE BAD: Nothing.

THE UGLY: Nothing.

THE VERDICT: Toy Story 3 was a fun and moving film to watch. It appeals to both kids and adults. I just wish more animated films were as good.

THE BONUS: What is your favorite CGI animated film?

The A-Team
The A-Team (2010)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

THE BEST: The cast of this film is perfect. I loved all the characters. I think my favorite was Murdock. The Braveheart scene was classic!

THE GOOD: The first half of the movie was a lot better then the second half. I felt that it flowed better and it was less silly.

THE BAD: The last half of the movie. The stunts became silly, the action became silly, the dialogue became silly. The CGI was bad. It's like they gave up on this film.

THE UGLY: There's two things that were ugly in this film. First, the action sequences were filmed as if the director was on a permanent dose of a Monster drink. They were too fast and confusing of shots that didn't allow the viewer see the action for what it was. Second, I hated how they would act out a plan while they were explaining it to you at the same time. It loses the suspense. I always knew they were going to be successful.

THE VERDICT: A somewhat entertaining film that I don't have to see again. If you like action from start to finish no matter how silly it can get, go see this film. If you're looking for more of a smart action movie like Mission Impossible, this ones not for you. I did like the flying of the tank scene though.

THE BONUS: What is your favorite T.V adapted film?

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

THE BEST: Russell Brand's character Aldous Snow stole the spotlight. His character was funny and unpredictable. Paul Rudd was great in this film as well. I just wish both of these guy's were in this movie a lot more. Probably would have made the film a lot better.

THE GOOD: Mila Kunis as Rachel was perfect for this role. She is so beautiful. I love her eyes. Jonah Hill was good in this film as well. I just wish he would have been the same character in "Get Him To The Greek."

THE BAD: I'm sorry, I just didn't care for Jason Segel in this role. I think the film would have been better and funnier if Paul Rudd was playing the character of Peter Bretter. Jason is funnier when he's allowed to break free, like he did in "I Love You Man". I can picture him as Paul Rudd's surfer character though.

THE UGLY: The opening scene. Did we really need to see Jason naked? And for so long? I didn't laugh once. Oh, and then again at the end? Come on!

THE VERDICT: I thought this film was just average when I first saw it in the theater. A few chuckles here and there but nothing really funny. After seeing "Get Him To The Greek", I decided to give this film a second chance. It produced the same results. The funniest parts are when the supporting characters show up.

THE BONUS: What other supporting character stole the spotlight from the main actor?

Get Him to the Greek
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

THE BEST: Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs as Sergio Roma. He was surprisingly very funny in this movie. I don't know much about Combs but after this film I'd like to see a spin off of his character.

THE GOOD: Jonah Hill and Russell Brand work very well together. There were so many funny parts in this film involving the two. One of the funniest scenes has to be "The Jefferey" scene.

THE BAD: Unlike Russell Brand's character Aldous Snow, Jonah Hill's character Aaron Green was never explained how he became who he became after the film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". It was like he was a brand new character. Aaron Green met Aldous Snow in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". *UPDATE* I'm in the middle of watching "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and Jonah Hill's character is named Matthew. Now I have something new to say. (See THE UGLY)

THE UGLY: There's not much that's ugly in this film. *UPDATE* When they make a spin off film from another film make sure the continuity is right and all the characters are the same. It's the same universe! Now I understand why Jonah's character didn't know Aldous, it was a completely different character. Not cool.

THE VERDICT: Overall this film was a blast. There were so many scenes that I couldn't stop laughing over. The story was good and the characters in this film were fantastic. I thought it was a lot more funnier then "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". And I loved Sarah Marshall's cameo in this film. Well... actually I love what Aldous says about her. For a fun time, I Highly recommend.

THE BONUS: What character would you like to see have his own spin off film?