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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall(2008)

THE BEST: Russell Brand's character Aldous Snow stole the spotlight. His character was funny and unpredictable. Paul Rudd was great in this film as well. I just wish both of these guy's were in this movie a lot more. Probably would have made the film a lot better.

THE GOOD: Mila Kunis as Rachel was perfect for this role. She is so beautiful. I love her eyes. Jonah Hill was good in this film as well. I just wish he would have been the same character in "Get Him To The Greek."

THE BAD: I'm sorry, I just didn't care for Jason Segel in this role. I think the film would have been better and funnier if Paul Rudd was playing the character of Peter Bretter. Jason is funnier when he's allowed to break free, like he did in "I Love You Man". I can picture him as Paul Rudd's surfer character though.

THE UGLY: The opening scene. Did we really need to see Jason naked? And for so long? I didn't laugh once. Oh, and then again at the end? Come on!

THE VERDICT: I thought this film was just average when I first saw it in the theater. A few chuckles here and there but nothing really funny. After seeing "Get Him To The Greek", I decided to give this film a second chance. It produced the same results. The funniest parts are when the supporting characters show up.

THE BONUS: What other supporting character stole the spotlight from the main actor?