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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania(2012)

Hotel Transylvania is an inventive, playful and wonderfully entertaining animation filled with humor for all generations and all tastes. Even the completely predictable story cannot overshadow all the clever and hilarious moments it delivers. With the world's most famous monsters being the heroes in this lively and colorful animation, this cartoon may never become an all-time classic, but it is definitely the funniest animation of 2012.

The concept that monsters are good, funny and enjoying life creation, while people are bad, aggressive villains, is nothing new as a whole, but this time it is represented in a wonderfully witty and catchy way. Every monster (even those shown for a second, or those with only one leg shown) is a funny and lively depiction of what the small kids would like to see as a cartoon for Halloween. The father-daughter relationships, the mild teen-romance between Mavis (voices by Selena Gomez) and Jonathan (voices by Andy Samberg)and the innocent, sharpless gags successfully target and reach the youngest audience. At the same time, while the fun never really stops, there are multiple smarter and reality-oriented jokes which are good enough to keep the older generations smiling and involved in the story (for example the Twilight related joke would inevitably make you smile).

As mentioned already, Hotel Transylvania does not really have the story which would have made it an Oscar contender or a classic such as Finding Nemo or Wall-E, but director Gennady Tartakovsky has obviously never intended that.Well-known from his Cartoon Network Channel classics Dexter's Laboratory, 2 Stupid Dogs and The Powerpuff Girls, Tartakovsky knows how to play with humor and jokes. The originality of his delivery is not the story,but the overall colorful, playful and light-hearted approach as well as the formidable voice cast ensembled for this movie. No doubt, the big star of this movie is Adam Sandler as Dracula: caring control-freak who loves his daughter and runs a successful enterprise. It is funny to mention it, but despite Sandler not being on the screen, this is his best role since.... ever.

In conclusion, Hotel Transylvania is a much better and funnier delivery than expected. It has everything necessary to please and to entertain kids and adults for all its 93 minutes. A much recommended delivery.