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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Croods

The Croods(2013)

Colorful and energetic, The Croods is definitely not one of the Oscar-worthy animations, but with its humor, cheerful voice performances and vivid colors it is a relatively watchable cartoon. It does not have the emotional load of similar family friendly deliveries and its concept of pre-historic world might seem a bit too artistic for adults, but for small kids, this movie will certainly be a decent entertainment.

A fast-paced entertainment and slightly rawer than expected, The Croods tells the story of how a cave-family evolves and learns to challenge life and the world. Family-centered, the message and the values projected are making this animation a fine experience for an ordinary family, which is looking for a Sunday-afternoon entertainment in the theater. Unfortunately, its overly-fast-paced story chases and strangely colored creatures (it is hard to call them animals) make The Croods a sort of animation that could hardly intrigue adults or viewers without kids. The bold animation is not matched by a remarkable (or at least memorable) plot line and directors Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco fail to build up something more than an animated anarchy and mediocre adventure.

Given the track records of Chris Sanders and his previous masterpiece "How to Train Your Dragon", it is quite a disappointment that The Croods never reaches at least half of its emotional load. There are no feelings of attachment developed towards any of these ordinary characters. Thus, The Croods remains restricted to a kids-only watchable, mildly funny and very loud cartoon which would be forgotten short after seeing it.